Elk Hair Caddis Dry Fly - 2 Pack

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The Elk Hair Caddis Dry Fly - 2 Pack selections here provide the variety needed to cover assorted species of caddisfly hatches, which are lengthy events in many places throughout North America and worldwide. Adults, which remind one of moths with hairy wings, can fly from April to November making an Elk Hair Caddis Dry Fly a necessity for every fly angler who fishes well past spring mayfly hatches. Caddisfly larvae are susceptible to pollution, so you'll find them only in streams with good water quality. Most larvae make cylinder cases in which to live and these can be either mobile or attached to logs and rocks. Seek these out and if they are on waters you want to fish, then you know you'll need to stock up on these Elk Hair Caddis Dry Fly - 2 Packs!

  • Use for brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, and others
  • Mimics caddisflies, of which there are about 1,500 variants worldwide; caddisflies, unlike mayflies, have fully formed mouths and can drink water, which enables life as an adult to last as long as 30 days, depending upon the species; because of this feature, caddisflies can be seen flying above waters long after they mate and even if a hatch is not occurring
  • Technique: caddisflies inhabit streams (even lakes and ponds) that are well aerated; most caddisflies make tube-shaped cases from underwater debris, so look for these in the waters you're fishing; caddisfly hatches can be a fury of activity on the surface and it's advisable to learn local hatches to best match the color these Elk Hair Caddis Dry Fly - 2 Packs offer; after the main hatch is over, try fishing beat-up looking caddis dry flies in the backwaters for trout that are now feeding on drowned emergents
  • Qty. per Pack: 2

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