Eagle Claw 3-Way Swivels

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Item No.: F10317


Eagle Claw 3-Way Swivels have a solid brass collar and three twisted wire eyes. These 3-way swivels come in a plastic resealable bag and feature a gold finish.

  • Qty. per pack: 12
  • Size: 6 - Length: 3/4 in.
  • Size: 4 - Length: 7/8 in.
  • Size: 2 - Length: 1 in.
  • Size: 1 - Length: 1 1/8 in.
  • Size: 1/0 - Length: 1 1/4 in.


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8/16/2011 12:00:00 am

No tangles

by Stu the Soupman -

work well and no tangles

7/6/2010 12:00:00 am

3-Way Swivels by Eagle Claw

by Awesome Pat -

I saw these used on a fishing show and they work great. The line for the weight and the line for the leader and worm and one to the reel line. No tangles and this rig catches fish.

5/11/2010 12:00:00 am


by larry -

all products that i have purchased from fish usa have been of great quality and preformance

10/17/2013 12:00:00 am

Good size for surf fishing and bottom rigs

by Sunny -

You need these on hand when surf fishing. Much easier than tying knots.

5/1/2017 12:00:00 am

Eagle Claw 3-Way Swivels

by Old Guy -

Eagle Claw 3-Way Swivels are the heart of any good Trolling rig, and a must for Lake Erie walleye trolling. Connect to main line, then connect a 6'-7' leader to 3-way swivel. Next connect a shorter ( 1' to 3' ) leader to the remaining side of the 3-way. Connect a good snap-swivel to the 6' leader to attach your lure/baits. To the short 1' - 3' leader make a 3 inch loop with a simple overhand knot. If you've done it right you will be able to connect any number of bank sinkers to the short leader without retying by looping around itself. It's important to be able to quickly add/subtract weighs to get to the bottom without your lure/baits ever snagging , and a 3-way swivel rig can do that in spades. If you're doing it right you will be able to feel the weighs hit bottom when you drop back on your rod. That will cause the weighs to stir up a little mud on the bottom, which attracts hungry walleye, perch, whatever is around. Give the 3-way swivel rig a try your next trip.