Dutch Fork Stainless Steel Willowleaf Ghost Blade Harness

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Dutch Fork Stainless Steel Willowleaf Ghost Blades Harnesses are premium hand tied harnesses with two #2/0 hooks, colored matching beads, 30 lb. coated wire, No Loss Quik Change Clevis, and a Willowleaf custom painted Ghost Blade. Ghost Blades are completely see-through blades with transparent and semi-transparent designs allowing them to change colors as they rotate around or over another object such as beads on a crawler harness.

Ghost Blades are constructed of a durable, high impact polymer that is half the weight of metal blades. These blades have a lighter vibration than metal blades, and will not sink like metal blades. The plastic blades also rotate at much slower trolling speeds than traditional spinner blades. This allows you to troll at slower speeds and still achieve the proper action from the spinner blades.

  • Willowleaf shape blade - size #5
  • Blade Size: 2 5/8 x 1 in.
  • 10 in. coated steel wire - 30 lb.
  • Two #2/0 hooks (VMC or Matzuo Sickle)
  • No Loss Quik Change Clevis
  • Colored matching beads
  • High impact polymer construction
  • Spins easily at very slow speeds
  • Transparent see-through design
  • Colors change at different angles
  • Works well on inactive fish
  • High quality paint and topcoat
  • Baked on finish
  • Qty. per pack: 1

Please note: Dutch Fork blades should not be left sitting in the sun in a Plano or other tackle box. The inside of tackle boxes reaches a very high temperature when left in the sun, and that temperature can melt your plastic blades.

13 available colors
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Golden Perch
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Green Perch
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Pink Panties
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Pink Squirrel
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Purple Demon
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Purple Tiger
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Sour Apple
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