Drennan Fluorocarbon Leader Material

$15.99 - $16.99
Item No.: F11091
$15.99 - $16.99

Product Details

Product Details

Drennan Fluorocarbon Leader Material features a super tough, abrasion resistant design that is virtually invisible under water. This line also features superior knot strength for dependability you can count on when that unexpected trophy comes along. Drennan Fluorocarbon Leader Material is great for use as fly fishing leader, as well as general purpose leader for centerpin, spinning, and casting applications. It even features a convenient line dispensing spool design.

TestDiameterDiameterSpool Length
3 lb.0.007 in.0.18 mm50m
4 lb.0.008 in.0.20 mm50 m
5 lb.0.009 in.0.22 mm50 m
6 lb.0.010 in.0.24 mm50 m
8 lb.0.011 in.0.28 mm50 m
10 lb.0.012 in.0.30 mm50 m
12 lb.0.013 in.0.32 mm50 m

Still the best I've found!


This is my second review since 2018. The stuff is still the best I've found and I've tried them all. My initial review I stated I wished it came in larger spools, but I take it back. I prefer the smaller spools simply because it expires. I'll go through 4 or 5 (50) meter spools a year but the line is always good. I use this stuff for everything from bass rigs to Salmon/Steelhead.

good quality line, but check the diameter.


Drennan is a good quality line, but you need to look at the diameter, its strength rating is not accurate.

Great leader

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If you're looking for a strong Fluorocarbon leader with great knot strength then this is the one for you. Great Fluorocarbon

Great line, is NOT Tippet material


I really like this line but be aware, this is NOT fly fishing tippet in the sense that 'tippet' is usually thinner than traditional mono/floro lines, this is a leader line. The diameter of 10lb is .012" while Seagaur Invis 10lb (my favorite line) is .010". Invis 12lb is .013" so the Drennan line is good, but the diameter is what makes it stronger in my opinion, 10lb Drennan is really like using 12lb Seagaur Invis.

The best I've found


I rarely write reviews but I must for this product. I am retired and built a Camp in Pulaski, NY. I fish Salmon River from April - December and don't think anyone fishes the river more than I do. I started using Drennan Lead in 2013 after trying all of the others. This stuff is great. It is extremely strong (abrasive Resistant), invisible, it doesn't squirrel up like most all of the others. Main thing however is that, I catch more fish with it (lots of them). The only draw backs I see are it it expires so don't keep it to long (meant for guys who fish a lot), it's expensive (but you get what you pay for), as stated by another reviewer it is pushed in Pulaski and difficult to find anyplace else lastly I really wish it came in larger spools. I would love to be able to buy it in 100 or 200 yard spools.