Drennan Crystal Zeppler Float

$6.99 - $7.99
Item No.: F14964

Product Details

Product Details

The Drennan Crystal Zeppler Float is a stubby float that is ideal for deep flowing water and shallower rapids because of the wide shape that keeps it stable in a heavy current. This float can be fished as a fixed or slip float, and each float features a mark displaying a gram weight on the side. This weight is not the weight of the float itself, but rather the amount of weight in grams that the float will support.

  • Buoyant
  • Hi-viz glow top
  • Rubber float caps used to attach the float to the fishing line are sold separately
  • Qty. per pack: 1

Please note that Drennan Zeppler Floats are mixed colors. Some are clear or translucent – some are very light green, and some are very light brown, but all are translucent or clear. Some have a high visibility red top and others display a hi-viz yellow top. The colors sent are randomly selected.

No. 13 in.8 g
No. 23.75 in.11 g
No. 34.25 in.20 g
No. 45 in.24 g
No. 55.5 in.35 g

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