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Down East

Down-East Rod Holder

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A Down-East Rod Holder is a clamp-style rod holder to put spinning, casting, and fly rods into while entertaining several horizontal and vertical mounting positions. The models include the original Down Easter rod holder, the D-11 Inboard Rod Holder, and the Down-East Salty Rod Holder. All rod holders are versatile, all-metal, made-in-the-U.S.A. construction that can withstand all kinds of weather, including any potential extreme cold temperatures.


The D-10 Down-East Standard Rod Holder is a portable clamp-style rod holder rated for light to moderate for fish up to 25 pounds and for use with line up to 30-pound test. There are no releases to unclip or undo. When a fish strikes, lift the rod straight from the holder. A D-11 Down-East Inboard Rod Holder can be permanently fastened to any vertical or horizontal surface on your boat. Its included D-12 Extension Bracket allows for proper height adjustment of the holder when bolted on a flat surface. Both the D-10 and D-11 models are not recommended for muskie fishing. On the other hand, a Down-East Salty S-10 Rod Holder is great for heavy fish up to 85 lbs. Always high-strength and corrosion-resistant, Down-East Rod Holders are built to exceed your greatest demands.


  • D-10 Down-East Standard Rod Holder: Equipped with a single clamp mount that can open up to 2 inches, making it easy to mount and remount in various locations. This model was designed in 1946, and the basic mechanism remained unchanged. 
  • D-11 Down-East Inboard Rod Holder: Equipped with the D-12 Inboard Mount and a D-12 Extension Bracket. This rod holder can permanently attach to the inside or top of your boat's gunwales.
  • S-10 Salty Rod Holder: Equipped with a double c-clamp mount that can be easily attached and removed from various places. The c-clamps can open up to 2 inches wide.
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