Dinsmores Split Shot Refill Pack

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SKU: F11104


Dinsmores Split Shot Refill Packs feature environmentally friendly tin split shot that is popular with fly and spinning anglers around the world. This award winning product includes a green cushioned, egg-shaped design. These small Refill Packs are perfect for refilling Dimsmores single shot and multiple sized shot dispensers.

  • Size: AAA - Weight: 4/5 g
  • Size: AB - Weight: 3/5 g
  • Size: BB - Weight: 2/5 g
  • Size: No. 1 - Weight: 3/10 g
  • Size: No. 4 - Weight: 1/5 g
  • Size: No. 6 - Weight: 1/10 g
  • Size: No. 8 - Weight: 2/25 g

Ratings & Reviews

7 reviews

The Best!

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easy on easy off

good enough

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stream fishing or bobber

Good alternative

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NY is one of many states that no longer allows lead shot to be sold, and now one of my favorite areas no longer allows the use of lead spilt shot at all. The Dinsmores shot is a good alternative.

Great product, hard to find

by -

Great for Nymphing.

Absolutely the best

by -

Easy on and off split shot

I will continue to buy and use this shot

by -

Been a fly fishing guide and instructor for 4 years and have been using dinsmore shot the whole time

Hey, refills!

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I like this split shot. These are great if you just need one size to refill a multipack. If you are not using this as a multipack refil, you can buy these in a single size container that is more convenient.