Dave's Tangle Free Trout Pack

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Product Details

Product Details

A Dave's Tangle Free Trout Pack is filled with lead-free fishing weights and is a safe alternative to lead split shot. Dave's Tangle Free Trout, Perch, & Crappie Weights also are perfect for bass fishing applications. The beads and swivels allow for a sliding rig setup that's very effective when fishing with Powerbait, single eggs, or when floating baits off the lake bottom.

Dave's Trout Pack weights are perfect for young or new anglers. The swivel slides up the line as the fish takes the bait, keeping the weight off and encouraging the fish to hold its bite. The light weights don't interfere with attaining good casting distance, either, so you can fish in areas less capable set-ups cannot. Put a pack into your cart,  and you'll soon experience the high-performance advantage of Dave's Tangle Free Trout Weights!

  • Trout, bass, perch, and crappie weights
  • 10 lead-free fishing weights
  • Safe alternative to lead or split-shot
  • 4 snap swivels, 4 swivels, and 4 beads
  • Sturdy case acts as a terminal tackle box
  • "Dave's Rig Tips" on the inside front cover

Dave's Tangle Free Trout Pack is made in the U.S.A.


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