Daiichi Salmon Egg Hooks

Item No.: F19390

Product Details

Product Details

Enhance your hook-up ration with the Daiichi Salmon Egg Hooks! These hooks are perfect for creating Salmon egg pattern flies with the hooks up-eye style. These hooks are available in several flashy colors that can help trigger fish to bite! The up-eye design keeps the hook perfectly positioned by moving directly in line with your line, allowing for strong presentations and perfectly placed hooks! The ultra-sharp hook will ensure that whatever you get to strike stays! Give yourself an edge with the Daiichi Salmon Egg Hooks!

  • Salmon Egg style
  • Up eye
  • Ultra-sharp point
  • Qty. per Pack: 20


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Use with live bait, go with size 8 or 6


It's a hook and a high-quality one at that. It's best for live bait and snell rigs. If you're looking to tie egg flies I'd recommend going with something with a little longer shank that's designed for scuds or caddis larvae. Size 10 is a touch small for most applications. When rigging single salmon eggs, size 10 or 8 is probably what you want. For using spawn, you're probably best off with size 6 or bigger (depending on how big you tie your spawn sacks).