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NewCotton Cordell Shallow Minnow
Cotton Cordell Shallow Minnow
12 Colors available
Dominate the top of the water with the Cotton Cordell Shallow Minnow! You can use this classic baitfish imitator during any season to target many species of trophy fish. When fish are active, use a consistent, steady retrieve for a realistic wobbling action. To wake up the more lethargic fish, twitch this minnow for an enticing jerkbait presentation. Built with premium components and two sharp hooks, fish will take a bite of the minnow and won't be able to let go!
NewCotton Cordell Deep Minnow
Cotton Cordell Deep Minnow
12 Colors available
You can impress your fishing buddies with the versatile Cotton Cordell Deep Minnow. This irresistible minnow provides you with the ability to fish multiple different presentations. This productive jerkbait can reach over 14 feet with a long cast, giving you a plethora of extended retrieval options. The elongated lip design imparts a slight roll while the long slender body creates an enticing side-to-side movement. The Cotton Cordell Deep Minnow also doubles as a highly effective trolling bait wi...
Cotton Cordell Ripplin' Red Fin
Cotton Cordell Ripplin' Red Fin
13 Colors available
The Cotton Cordell Ripplin' Red Fin is a lure anglers have used over the years to fish a variety of gamefish, especially walleye and bass. This bait can be used to fish the top or just below the surface with its one-of-a-kind motion. This Cotton Cordell lure is constructed from high-quality plastic with a glossy finish, sharp treble hooks, and durable split rings. The Ripplin' Red Fin can dive to three feet with a wobble action or side-to-side twitching action that fish won’t be able to resist.
Cotton Cordell CC Spoon
Cotton Cordell CC Spoon
2 Colors available
Cotton Cordell CC Spoons are one of the most popular jigging spoons among professional anglers. These spoons offer a fish-attracting flash combined with a flutter that mimics the movement of a wounded baitfish. CC Spoons are effective on bass, walleye, striper, crappie, panfish, and other gamefish. Rugged, durable construction and rust-resistant hooks make these spoons great for any freshwater or saltwater application.
Cotton Cordell Wally Diver
Cotton Cordell Wally Diver
14 Colors available
Cotton Cordell Wally Divers have been catching big 'eyes long enough to be called legendary. Few walleye anglers hit the water without a Wally Diver on the line. These lures feature a tight wiggle and slender profile, exactly what a hungry walleye is looking for. Cotton Cordell's most popular lure, the Wally Diver is a proven producer that delivers tournament caliber performance straight out of the box.
Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper
Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper
9 Colors available
Cotton Cordell Pencil Poppers are one of the most underrated topwater lures on the market. These lures are a standard for striper anglers fishing the surf. The Pencil Poppers bobbing and weaving action combined with loud internal rattles take even the most pressured fish. The weighted tail design helps these lures "walk" and makes for extra long casts. Try one the next time you are looking for monster pike or musky and hold on. Available in two sizes each in five colors.