Cortland Master Braid Bulk Spool

$154.99 - $609.99
Item No.: F17968
$154.99 - $609.99


Product Details

Product Details

The Cortland Master Braid Bulk Spool is an excellent versatile line to keep on hand. This braid is constructed from high-quality gel-spun fibers to create a durable and tough super braid anglers can trust. The Opti-Con fiber spinning process results in a tight and strong braid, and the FiberTech coating stiffens the fiber to improve the handling features of the line. On top of that, Cortland's ColorLast technology provides long-lasting color that doesn't bleed. Master Braid repels water, delivers long casts, cuts through the water with less line drag, and comes back dry. This line can be used with spinning or casting reels and in freshwater or saltwater. With all these great performance features, you won't regret getting the bulk size of the Cortland Master Braid Bulk Spool!

    • High-molecular-weight gel-spun polyethylene fibers that are stronger than steel. Virtually no stretch for incredible sensitivity. Doesn’t degrade in sunlight / UV light.
  • FiberTech
    • Protection that bonds to the individual fibers, which stiffens and improves handling of the line. Lines cast farther and last longer without excess stiffness.
  • Opti-Con
    • Optimum Construction. Braids that are built for optimal strength by assembling each pound test to minimize line diameter while maximizing durability.
  • ColorLast
    • Provides the longest-lasting color. Doesn’t fade. Doesn’t bleed.
  • Braided from premium gel-spun fibers
  • Tight, round braid
  • Long casts
  • Extended life
  • Minimal line drag
  • Hydrophobic properties repel water
  • Excels at strike detection
  • Only 4% stretch for improved strike detection
  • Color permanently bonded to fibers
  • Ideal for spinning or conventional reels
  • Manufacturer's one-year limited warranty

The Cortland Master Braid Bulk Spool is made in the U.S.A.


TestDiameter DiameterMono Equivalent
5 lb.0.004 in.0.102 mmLess than 1 lb.
8 lb.0.005 in.0.127 mm1 lb.
10 lb.0.006 in.0.152 mm2 lb.
15 lb.0.009 in.0.229 mm4 lb.
20 lb.0.010 in.0.254 mm6 lb.
30 lb.0.012 in.0.305 mm8 lb.
40 lb.0.013 in.0.330 mm10 lb.
50 lb.0.014 in.0.356 mm12 lb.
65 lb.0.016 in.0.406 mm16 lb.
80 lb.0.020 in.0.508 mm18 lb.
100 lb.0.023 in.0.584 mm20 lb.
130 lb.0.026 in.0.660 mm25 lb.
200 lb.0.036 in.0.914 mm50 lb.

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