Clam Maki Mino Plastics

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Clam Maki Mino Plastics are incredibly soft and lifelike, unlike other stiff plastics. These baits have a natural movement while in the water and pulse and flow with the current. Maki Minos work perfectly when paired up with drop jigs, blade spoons, blade jigs, or pretty much anything you would want to rig them with. Clam Maki Mino Plastics are hand-poured plastics that are injected with fish oil that fish can't resist.

  • Perfect panfish size mino imitation for tungsten drop jigs
  • Super-soft hand-poured bait
  • Tip your favorite panfish spoon
  • Tail has incredible action that can't stop moving
  • Thread on rigging it split tail flat or rig it split tail vertical
  • T-bone or wacky rig for dying minnow effect
  • Natural minnow-like colors
  • Injected with Maki juice
  • Qty. per Pack: 8

Clam Maki Mino Plastics are made in the U.S.A.

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