Church Tackle TX-44 Super Planer Board

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Product Details

Product Details

The Church Tackle TX-44 Super Planer Board gives new possibilities to fishing with in-line planer boards. The TX-44's large 14 x 4 1/4 x 7/8 inch size makes it possible to pull lead core (up to 10 colors) or copper lines along with one pound of drop weight, hard pulling lures, Magnum Dipsy Divers, and Jet Divers. This larger size also allows for trolling at higher speeds.

The Church Tackle TX-44 Super Planer Board is reversible. It can easily be assembled to run either port (left) or starboard (right) and can be changed back in minutes. This board includes the Vise Clip, which is designed especially for lead core, copper, and wire lines and will not release. Also included is one fluorescent red flag, making it easier for you and other boaters to see the board in the water, and all other needed hardware for assembly and use. Church Tackle TX-44 Super Planer Board is model 30610.

The Church Tackle TX-44 Super Planer Board is made in the U.S.A.

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They are fantastic!


I love this board, I wish I hadn't spent the money on Walleye boards first. I started with the Walleye boards and they worked okay for under10 color lead core line. When I started using 10 color plus Lead core, copper lines up to 400' the Walleye boards didn't work well. So I bought the TX-44s. They track very well and are no more difficult to reel in than the smaller Walleye boards, maybe a little easier because they don't have as much tendency to nose dive near the boat. When I fish with my friends on their boats they always ask me to bring my TX-44s.