Case Plastics Large Hellgrammites

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Item No.: F16803


Case Plastics Large Hellgrammites are a prized bait for fishermen, particularly for smallmouth bass fishing. A favorite treat for a wide variety of fish, most notably panfish and trout, these artificial fishing baits accurately mimic the natural movements of the insect, luring your prey to strike. These plastic Large Hellgrammites are designed to look so lifelike that their predators find them almost indistinguishable to real insects, increasing your hook up rates. This creature bait is designed to be soft and durable for bass fishing applications. These Large Hellgrammites have thick collars to handle hooks and jigheads without tearing. Undoubtedly, a prized addition to any angler's tackle box!

  • Lifelike imitation of large hellgrammites
  • Perfect for trout and panfish
  • Simple to use on any rig
  • Qty. per Pack: 5

Case Plastics Large Hellgrammites are made in the U.S.A.

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4/21/2020 11:08 am

Thicker head please!

by John

I love this bait and it catches smallmouth from April to October. There is one thing that would make it a five-star bait: make the head and collar thicker so it can be threaded over a lead head jig with lead on the upper part of the hook shank. I'd love to be able to catch more than 2-3 fish before the head rips apart. Thanks for listening!

6/16/2020 2:13 pm

catches most speices even catfish

by chris crone

perfect natural looking bait