Bullet Weights Finesse Drop Shot Sinkers

Item No.: F12601

Product Details

Product Details

Bullet Weights Finesse Drop Shot Sinkers are designed for finesse style fishing and will slip on the line without having to tie a knot to hold it into place. These weights are made of lead.



Qty. per PackWeightLengthWidth
81/16 oz.3/8 in.3/16 in.
71/8 oz.6/8 in.3/16 in.
63/16 oz.3/4 in.3/16 in.
61/4 oz.1 in.1/4 in.
53/8 oz.1 3/4 in.1/4 in.
41/2 oz.1 3/8 in.5/8 in.




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Good, but not great.

by -

I agree with the previous comment that the weights have a rough finish, but I don't think the fish care. They do not hold the line well so I use a fisherman's knot to keep them tied on. They're obviously a little bit more expensive than other 3/16 round sinkers and I have gotten just as many snags using these so I would probably save your money and buy the cheap ones.

Drop shot weights

by -

Very rough finish. Line keepers not tight enough to hold the line. I would not order them, again