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NewBull Shad Slow Sinking Swimbait
Bull Shad Slow Sinking Swimbait
4 Colors available
If you fish big baits, you'll catch big bass! The Bull Shad Slow Sinking Swimbait is one of the best baitfish imitators on the market today. Featuring a beat-up, injured look, this swimbait appears to be easy prey for hungry bass. Handcrafted in Georgia with the fishing guide turned lure designer, Mike Bucca, realized the need for a high-quality shad-style swimbait. Whether you're fishing for fun or in a tournament, the Bull Shad Slow Sinking Swimbait is waiting to be devoured! Get yours today b...
$49.99 - $57.99
NewBull Shad Floating Swimbait
Bull Shad Floating Swimbait
2 Colors available
If you're looking for your next tournament win, try fishing with the Bull Shad Floating Swimbait! The former fishing guide turned lure designer, Mike Bucca, created this 3-jointed swimbait to mimic a variety of shad and big baitfish. The natural swimming action of the swimbait is mouth-watering to any hungry bass. This swimbait might look a little unfinished, but the rough appearance adds to its natural appeal. Wild, angry bass won't be able to toss the Bull Shad thanks to its strong, swivel hoo...
NewBull Shad Fast Sinking Swimbait
Bull Shad Fast Sinking Swimbait
3 Colors available
For a fast sinking tournament swimbait, fish with the Bull Shad Fast Sinking Swimbait! Thanks to its high-quality construction, this swimbait sinks at about one foot per second. The rough around the edges look is intentional to trick trophy bass into thinking it is an easy prey. The jointed swimbait delivers lifelike action when retrieved and stops nose down in the feeding position. Mike Bucca, former full-time fishing guide turned lure designer, created these to mimic a beat up, barely survivin...
$49.99 - $57.99