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Blue Wing Olive Dry Fly - 2 Pack

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A Blue Wing Olive Dry Fly - 2 Pack is an important pick-up as this is among the first dry flies you can offer in the spring! The little mayfly first surfaces in March, and while the Baetis species of mayfly is small, it is prolific – there may be up to three generations per year hatching as late as the fall season, and arriving in impressive quantities. The physical size of the insect tends to decrease as the season passes. In the East, the mayfly is in the size 14 to 20 range; in the West, the size may go up one. The Blue Winged Olive is also known as a Little Iron Blue Quill and BWO, among other names. There are many subspecies spread throughout the country's entirety. If you're a fly angler, then you cannot go without a selection from this Blue Wing Olive Dry Fly - 2 Pack!

  • Use for brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, and others
  • Mimics the Baetis species of mayflies which are small with two tails and a gray/brown/olive body … and blue wings of course
  • Technique: hatches occur in the mid-afternoon, or the warmest part of the day, often in wet and dreary weather when the air is cooler and after water temperatures have risen to 40 degrees; they flutter about on the water's surface or float quietly for long periods before they can get airborne, perhaps because the cold world outside is a shock to their new bodies; let your presentation float long; trout have been known to snap up a Blue Wing Olive Dry Fly readily in the early spring
  • Tied on Daiichi dry fly hooks, down eye, standard wire, round bend
  • Qty. per Pack: 2