Blood Run Tackle Super Copper Trolling Wire

$35.99 - $119.99
Item No.: F11985

Product Details

Product Details

Blood Run Tackle Super Copper Trolling Wire is a seven strand, nickel tin plated copper trolling wire with a new twist design. This line has the same weight per foot as the previous model of wire line, but now in a thinner diameter. The smaller design means more line on the reel and makes it even more pliable and user-friendly. The smaller diameter also creates less drag allowing it to achieve deeper depths.


Blood Run Tackle Super Copper Trolling Wire is made in the U.S.A.

Test Diameter Spool Size
32 lb. 0.030 in. 300 ft.
32 lb. 0.030 in. 600 ft.
32 lb. 0.30 in 1,000
45 0.033 300
45 0.033 600
45 0.033 1,000

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Best copper out there

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Great cooper line. Strong and forgiving. I use mostly the 45lb which blood run line has the smallest diameter of all the manufacturers. The 32 and 45lb line has a very similar sink rate but the 45 is more durable with inexperienced clients

smooth soft line

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We really enjoy the flexibility in this line and it does not kink



Very happy with the product. Easy to handle, deploys smoother, less susceptible to frey chaffing and fishes deeper. Very positive tackle change for me.

Great product.


This copper deploys easier, achieves comparable depths with the 45lb and even greater depths with the 60lb and with its tin coating its smoother handling all around. Really nice product!!

Blood Run Copper!


Great product! The most user friendly copper trolling line on the market!