Blackbird by Redwing Tackle Split Shot

Item No.: F10086

Product Details

Product Details

Blackbird Split Shot is a great light split shot for fly and center pin fishing. This shot comes in a convenient dispenser with two sizes of shot per package, one size on each end, and a split soft rubber top to easily dispense the shot from either end. This shot is made by Redwing Tackle, and is preferred by steelhead anglers!

Lead Restrictions

  • Size: BB-1 - Weight: 0.35 g
  • Size: BB-2 - Weight: 0.27 g
  • Size: BB-3 - Weight: 0.15 g
  • Size: BB-4 - Weight: 0.13 g

Ratings & Reviews

27 Reviews

A simple solution to a classic problem

by -

Its a simple solution to an age-old problem of handling split shot on the river. The dispenser doles out one or two split shot at a time, as you need it. No more taking out three to use two because I'm going to drop some.

Good Split shot

by -

Great for stream fishing, and river fishing. It doesn't shine.

Simply the best product on the market

by -

Just load 6 or 7 split shot above a leadr below a float. It doesnt get any easier than this lol

Best way to handle your split shot

by -

The dispenser works great. You can easily pinch out 1 shot at a time without worrying about dumping the rest.

Handy and Practical

by -

Definitely something applicable for wide variety of uses.