Blackbird by Redwing Tackle Split Shot

Item No.: F10086

Product Details

Product Details

Blackbird Split Shot is a great light split shot for fly and center pin fishing. This shot comes in a convenient dispenser with two sizes of shot per package, one size on each end, and a split soft rubber top to easily dispense the shot from either end. This shot is made by Redwing Tackle, and is preferred by steelhead anglers!

  • Size: BB-1  - Weight: 0.35 g
  • Size: BB-2  - Weight: 0.27g
  • Size: BB-3  - Weight: 0.15g
  • Size: BB-4  - Weight: 0.13 g

Lead Restrictions

Ratings & Reviews

28 Reviews

My favorite split shot


The container works great on the water. It’s easy to get the number of shot you want out of the container without spilling any. It’s refillable too. I even prefer the dark color of this shot over others.

A simple solution to a classic problem

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Its a simple solution to an age-old problem of handling split shot on the river. The dispenser doles out one or two split shot at a time, as you need it. No more taking out three to use two because I'm going to drop some.

Good Split shot

by -

Great for stream fishing, and river fishing. It doesn't shine.

Simply the best product on the market

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Just load 6 or 7 split shot above a leadr below a float. It doesnt get any easier than this lol

Best way to handle your split shot

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The dispenser works great. You can easily pinch out 1 shot at a time without worrying about dumping the rest.