Redwing Tackle Blackbird Sabretooth Premium Hooks

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Item No.: F10154

Product Details

Product Details

Blackbird Sabretooth Premium Hooks by Redwing Tackle are the hooks of choice for salmon, steelhead and trout anglers around the world. These chemically sharpened are manufactured from the finest quality high carbon steel, producing unparalleled strength.These hooks are great for use with egg sacs and skein.

  • Qty. per pack: 20

The only hooks!

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Fish mainly trout/steelhead rivers, excellent hooks!

Best steelhead bait hook made

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Can not find a better hook for skein and egg sacks,for the price.Always sharp right out of the package and stay sharp.Have caught 20+ steelhead in a day on the same hook.

Great Steelhead Hook!

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I have tried just about every hook there is for float fishing for steelhead. I have stopped, and use these hooks exclusively now. They are strong but not too strong, so you can still bend them out in some cases. A great hook at a great price. I use 8s and 10s for spawn bags.

i buy this product where ever i see it ,

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great strenth ,use them all the time now

Great tube fly hook!


Saw some estaz eggs tied on this hook, looked deadly. I like to fish tube flies, and it hit me that this hook might be great for tubes, except for the "up" eye. So I straightened the eyes on a couple- very easy. Awesome! Very sharp fine wire hooks, they really penetrate and hold a hooked fish. Definitely my favorite tube fly hook.