Big Jon Sports Pack Manual Siderigger Downrigger

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Product Details

Product Details

The Big Jon Sports Pak Manual Siderigger Downrigger is the manual version of the ever popular Captain's Pak Electric Downrigger. The Sports Pak Manual Siderigger Downrigger allows you to spread lines off the side of your boat by way of it's reinforced boom design, increasing the size of your lure presentation. The Big Jon Sports Pak Manual Siderigger Downrigger is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum construction with protective, anodized finish.

  • Model: MD00500
  • 2 ft., 3 ft., and 4 ft. sectional tip-up style boom design
  • One hand crank with clutch system
  • One Multi-Set aluminum rod holder (Model RH00432)
  • 4 inch square mounting plate with hold down knobs
  • Swivel base mount (Model SMT1)
  • 200 feet of stainless steel cable
  • Line counter (Measures in feet)
  • Line release

The Big Jon Sports Pak Manual Siderigger Downrigger is made in the U.S.A.

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just purchased my second downrigger

by -

good for offshore deep water trolling for walleye and steelhead. smooth operation and easy to set.

Liked it so much, bought a second one!

by -

Good, effective product for the price.

looking to buy another real soon

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finally got to use for the first time this weekend. was easy to set up and use. hope to get out a lot this season and use it on walleye and steelhead!

big john capt pac

by -

ive been using big john products for 20 years, they are the best. the capt pac's work well of the port and starboard side of my boat, gives me that extra bit of room that i need.

Best Manual Rigger.


I put 4 of these on my 2nd boat that I use to trailer to different ports. They give the back of the boat a clean look and less cluttered. Pleasantly surprised at how easy they retrieve heavier weights. A solid unit that is easy to use and made to last. The sectional boom allowed the flexibility I needed to rig the boat the way I wanted to.