Big Jon Manual Planer Rigger

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Item No.: F10150

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Product Details

Product Details

The Big Jon Manual Planer Rigger allows you to spread multiple lures up to 150 ft. from each side of a boat using planer boards. This Planer Rigger features heavy-duty construction with high-quality materials, built to stand up to the abuse and strainassociated with using planer boards.

  • 2-piece, 72 inch aluminum mast construction
  • Bright, protective, anodized finish
  • Dual 8 inch manual reel(s) with adjustable disc clutches
  • 150 feet of hi-vis 135 lb. test planer board line pre spooled on each reel with swivel tips
  • Heavy-duty mounting base

The Big Jon Manual Planer Rigger is made in the U.S.A.

Ratings & Reviews

4 Reviews

Top of the line


On my 3rd boat (4 now) I had this mast for 15yrs.. I hafto say this piece of equipment was one of the best I've ever owned .After all those yrs with this it never once let me down... Now on my hardtop 2460 I have side reels coming off roof so no need for a mast but again it is absolutely quality trolling gear.. 40 yrs on east lake erie

Heavy duty except plastic reels.


$ 430. is a lot for cheap plastic reels that are pretty easy to break.

Quality Planer Board Mast

by -

This is my second Big Jon Mast and it is probably one of the best I have used. The only problem I had was that its easily stolen off the boat with out using a wrench to loosen the bolt. I found out the hard way. Thiefs just pulled on the mast while I was docked and broke it out of the casting that holds it.

great fishing tool!

by -

This is a great fishing tool! This is my second big jon planer mast. I left my other one on my other boat as a sales helper.