Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon Line

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Item No.: F12274
$5.99 - $199.99

Product Details

Product Details

Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon Line is the most flexible, easiest casting fluorocarbon on the market today. Vanish 100% fluorocarbon has a similar refractive index to water, so fish can't see it. This Vanish Fluorocarbon Line features an improved formula, with 20% better shock strength and improved knot strength. This more flexible formula makes this line much easier to handle than the 1st generation Vanish line. Fluorocarbon line is non-absorbing and maintains strength and abrasion resistance underwater.

Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon Line is made in the U.S.A.

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best I have tried.


best fluorocarbon I have tried.

Great Line for Mainline or Leader


This is my favorite line for leaders ever! It still works great as a mainline too. I also like this for the invisibility aspect, it is very hard to see in the water. This line isn't necessarily made for being used as a leader, but it works fantastic as a leader. I use braided line with this line as the leader in between the braid and my lure. Everything from Panfish, to Bass, to Salmon and Steelhead (different pound leader of course) this it my go to. I highly recommend this line.

Best Flourocarbon Line.


I love the Vanish Flourocarbon. Very strong with low stretch, and pretty much invisible in the water. 4lb test behaves very well on an ultra-light spinning reel ( no loops or tangles). You can feel every light bite and set your hook with authority. Highly recommended.

Berkley Vanish

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I like to use this while fishing trout, I feel that the invisibility of it helps with my lure presentation. I have not had a problem with breakage, or knots coming loose. Overall I have been very happy with this line, have been using it for years.