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Berkley Trilene Professional Grade 100% Fluorocarbon Line

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$9.99 to $243.99
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$9.99 to $243.99


Berkley Trilene Professional Grade 100% Fluorocarbon Line has a proven formula that provides incredible shock strength, abrasion resistance, and knot strength. It is fast striking with greater line density for high sensitivity and less bow in the water.

  • Ultimate invisibility
  • Ultimate impact strength
  • Higher strength-per-diameter

Berkley Trilene Professional Grade 100% Fluorocarbon Line is made in the U.S.A.

Test (lb.)Diameter (in.)Diameter (mm)

Flourocarbon works best for big Salmon

by -

I put 200 yards of 17lb. test Trilene Pro Grade Flourocarline line on two of my fly reels for our recent trip to the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY. Most guys were using 15 or 20 lb. test line. Fifteen can be a bit lite for those monster salmon and twenty lb. test can spook these fish. The 17 lb. line is a great compromise. Some of the fish we hooked into would just plain snap the line when they started to run and I believe that nothing was going to stop that kind of adrenaline. Other fish would wrap around a rock and snap you off. These situations are sometime unavoidable. For the most part the Trilene Flourocarbon performed well. If the fish was hooked good the chances of netting them was real good. In 7 days I caught and released over 200 fish and by the end of the week still had plenty of line left to come back and fish another week.

A decent line

by -

Not a bad line but I like Sniper better.

Perfect leader line

by -

Top Shot attached to braid line

trilene sucks


This is one of the most horrible lines I have ever used.It doesn't cast good and it isn't as sensitive as other fluorocarbon fishing lines.If I were you I would switch to seaguar fluorocarbon it has low memory, good strength, and great abrasion resistance.

great for leaders


the green tint works great!great for leaders,use it for float fishing for steelhead as leaders

Good for variety of fish

by -

Has great knot strength. Great for trolling.

My new favorite fluorocarbon line

by -

I started using this line ice fishing for perch. Im a firm beliver in fluorocarbon lines but this one has been best so far.When the perch are not biting well,the poles that I have this new line on has made a big difference.

Best Florocarbon!

by -

Get's Crankbaits deeper than regular mono, no stretch, holds knots well!

I would buy this product again and again

by -

It is perfect line for trolling

trilene 100% fluorocarbon

by -

very sensitive for light biters and tough enough to stand rubbing on ice

Great line

by -

Great sensitivity when fishing soft plastics pitching or jigging.

The Best Fluorocarbon line.


Thanks to my friend Nate,who gave me a roll when I was out of leaders.I've used it and that's it,I'm hooked.I've used many other brands but now it is the only line that I will use for a leader.The only line I trust and feel comfortable enough when I'm guiding. I get my clients on more hook ups and you will too. It's very strong and invisible to fish! Try it and you will see for yourself.

The beast seed bead stringing material

by -

The beast seed bead stringing material. I love the strength and that it is almost invisible. It is also flexible, if you pull it, it doesn't break. It holds a lot of weight without drooping or breaking. Sharp edges don't seem to fray this material.

Excellent prices vs quality

by -

I used it in a rell penn 360, it was great to fish "PICUDA and DORADAS", in rivers and shores in Colombia (COUNTRY).

4lb clear


even works well sight fishing for trout in gin clear water. Very strong and retains good strength with a clinch knot.

Trout Fishing

by -

Wish they make in 2 lb test still

I'm Disappointed!

by -

I've used VANISH for years without experiencing problems similar to these. The line twisted so bad while I was putting it on a spinning reel that I had to stop several times. When fishing, if line got slack, it coiled and kinked so bad that I finally stopped using the 4 lb line. I was casting a large spinner bait on a baitcasting reel when the line broke at the reel. The spool and line were free. I've never had this happen before.

Good line on a baitcasting reel

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Great sensitivity!!! Love to use it on a baitcasting reel. DON'T PUT IT ON A SPINNING REEL. Line twist was the worst I have ever experienced. Cost me [$] to learn this lesson.

tangles a little

by -

The line is strong but when you first put it on and fish with it, it tangles up until it is stretched out a little.

One of the best fluorocarbon lines

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I like the sensitivity. It is great for fishing plastics. Great for deep diving crankbaits too.

Great Leader Material

by -

Since switching to braid I use this for all leaders. Works well.

Very poor performance

by -

Used 20 lb to tie 30 or more 4ft long worm harnesses. 10 or more broke randomly at different lengths. Usually left with 1 to 3 ft section of line left of harness. Stopped using worm harnesses and re tied them all with different line. Lost lots of money worth of hardware ie- blades, hooks and beads. First and last time using will never use again.