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Berkley Trilene Micro Ice Monofilament Ice Line

40 Reviews
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Berkley Trilene Micro Ice Monofilament Ice Line is great for finicky fish in ultra clear water. Micro Ice is the smallest, strongest mono you can fish. The low stretch design gives you superior lure control and increases sensitivity for quicker hooksets. This line is soft and pliable and resists kinks and coiling under cold ice fishing conditions. Micro Ice's small diameter makes it perfect for fishing small baits but still strong enough to pull a lunker through the ice. If you like ice fishing with mono, you'll love Trilene Micro Ice!

Berkley Trilene Micro Ice Monofilament Ice Line is made in the U.S.A.

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Ratings & Reviews

40 reviews

It's about the Best

by -

It's the only cold weather line I use. Never will use any other. PERIOD.

Berkleys Tryline micro Ice

by -

this is a great line for ice fishing and highly recommend its use

Berkley Micro Ice Line--GREAT !!!

by -

I jig fish for Perch and Pan Fish nearly everyday, from first ice to last ice( Dec. to April), and have never found a "line" as good as this product... in fact I "landed" a 24-25 inch Pickerel on it last week...Note: this is with the 2# test line! We use #12 jigs most of the time and this line "gets down" fast which is of great importance in order to "hold" the school...

Berkley ice fishing line

by -

I used this line for many years.usually I used 3-4 lb. Its strong enough almost unseen in the water. hundreds of fish were caught with this line.I recommend this line to every fisherman.

Only Ice Line You Need

by -

6# is perfect for ice fishing walleyes. I love braid but not ice fishing it absorbs water and freezes up. This line seems perfect for fishing 40 ft and less.

Berkley Means Quality

by -

3 # line choices are somewhat limited. I have always been a Berkley fan and so purchased 3 # test Trilene Clear Steel Ice Line. Open water, small river 1/32 oz. jig = 4.8 LMB ! This line is supple, strong, casts smoothly doesn't "coil up" in the cold and produces the right result .

Micro Ice Clear Steel

by -

I love this line. I use it in 6 lb test as main line on all my trout ice rods.... no curl, very strong with uni knots. Definitely recommend.

good line!

by -

Nice and strong, very limp, and very sensitive. Love the solar color.

Great line, no tangled mess!

by -

Hands down the best line and I tried a bunch this year. Kids kept getting the reels all jacked up and this solved the problem. Easy to tie and handle. It does not seem to have as much memory and does not tangle. Side by side with some others, this line didn't pick up ice either.

Berkeley 2 pound micro ice

by -

Great for icefishing picky fish strong and invisible

Excellent line.

by -

Very hard for fish to see, and is a great tippet for fly fishing.

Quality Ice Line

by -

The 1 lb test line has excellent strength for such a light line.

Great line

by -

Fairly limp. Tough for being so small.

berkley micro ice line

by -

3pound good iceline bass crappie trout no twist

Great ice line

by -

I use this line to fish for finiky Perch in depths of up to 60+ feet jigging. I find it is the only line that shows the little bites and gets the job done when the hook is set. I have also caught Browns up to 6 pounds with this line, no problem. I have used it for at least 6 years and I really have nothing to say about it that is bad. I would highly reccomend it to anyone.


by -

My partner and I use this line when we manufacture Wolf River Rigs and crawler harnesses. I is a super product and we have used it for many years.

I would buy this product again and again

by -

Great line. No coil memory and strong.

Good value for the $$

by -

The best Ice line I've used.It stays flexible and retains it's strength in the coldest weather

Great Line!

by -

I really like this line and have several reels spooled in both two and three pound test. My only comment would be I wish there was more line on the spool. I am not a big fan of adding backing on a reel and because I am using such a small diameter line I am not really able to get as much line on the reel as I would normally put on.

Great sensitive line

by -

Worked great for panfish low memory and high sensitivity

good line for cold water

by -

has proven to be a good line for cold water crappie

Berkley Trilene Micro Ice Line by Berkle

by -

Nice line - easy to handle and doesn't kink. Strong as it needs to be.

Berkley Trilene Micro Ice Line

by -

I will use this again

Would not ice fish without it.

by -

Excellent ice fishing line. I have used it for quite a few years with no problems.

Great Stuff

by -

It really doesn't coil up like it says when you are letting line out. I thought for sure it would.