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Berkley PowerBait Trout Dip

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Berkley PowerBait Trout Dip is a unique attractant dipping system that enhances scent release to attract more trout. This dip is a thick liquid at room temperature.

  • Qty. per pack: 5 oz. bottle
3 available colors
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Garlic Mint
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11 reviews

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Easy application

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Fish seem to like it

trout dip

by -

by dipping various baits in this your catch rate increases by 3/1

berkley trout dip

by -

easy to use works great. have caught fish when others were only getting a few bites.

The next best thing to fresh eggs

by -

This product is amazing. All I do is add a little to my salmon eggg sacks and fish on. On some days It has out fished fresh eggs. My friends did not think it would make much of a difference, they were wrong. I was out fishing them 100%, before you know it they had asked me for some. Sure enough they began hooking up as well. I have this in my backpack at all times. It really works.

It works well.

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Had pretty good luck with product where other baits didn't work.

Powers up your powerbait

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We dip our powerbait in the green garlic trout dip before casting. When fishing for stocked trout in local lakes, those using the dip had more bites and caught more fish than those nearby not using the dip

Gives you that extra kick!

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Great scent for trout. I use the garlic on all my baits. It seems to stay on well compare to other scents. I like the bottle it comes in as it is easy to dip your bait in.

This product really works

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While other flavored baits were not working, the Berkley Power Bait Trout Dip - Corn worked great.

Works for me

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We like to dip both live nightcrawlers and powerbait in the mint garlic dip. It seems to attract more fish than the same baits fished without dipping. I add the roe dip to my jarred Gulp nightcrawlers to keep them hydrated and to reinforce their odor.

Berkley PowerBait Trout Dip by Berkley

by -

just dip your bait and cast simple . i use other berkley powerbait products and they work great but when fishing is slow this product can make a difference in getting them to bit when nothing else seems to be working .

Great stuff

by -

Trout love it.Dip pinched nightcrawls in it and it's fish on.