Berkley Gulp! Alive! Maggots

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Product Details

Product Details

Berkley Gulp! Alive Maggots are proven to outfish live baits 2:1. These maggots feature an extreme scent dispersion to expand your strike zone. The maggots are packaged in Berkley's "Magic Gravy," which enables you to recharge your baits by putting them right back in the jar. These baits absorb 20% more scent and attractant which makes them at least 20% more effective than the 1st generation baits, and also have a 34% better swimming action than the original Gulp!

  • Gulp! has outfished live bait 2:1 in head-to-head field tests
  • Features Gulp! extreme scent dispersion with lifelike taste and texture
  • Expand your strike zone with 400 times more scent dispersion

Berkley Gulp! Alive! Maggots are made in the U.S.A.


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Go Small for Big Fish - Panfish and Trout


For tail-race streams, these have been trout "get-ers". I like Berkley small artificial worms too. These maggots with a small home-made caddis hook + tungsten bead head get this bait into the bite zone when fishing trout streams in the riffles and pocket waters. Looks like a small fish, caterpillar, grub, scud... all things Mr/Ms Trout like to eat. Works with panfish as well elsewhere. I pair it with caddis/nymph Mustad hooks - fish catcher.

Berkeley Gulp Maggots

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Seals the deal on most days when using artificial jigs ice fishing. Jars store easily in the tackle box although once opened, the jars don't seal really well. This causes some concern about juices creating a clean-up situation

Works Great

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use them on white ifsh

Fish can't resist!!!!!

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Just like the real thing....


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Use mostly for ice fishing. Easy to use, perch luv this stuff. I've stopped using live bait