Beckman PVC Fishing Net

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Product Details

Product Details

A Beckman PVC Fishing Net is designed to be fish-friendly to help reduce stress before release. PVC netting is soft and supple, so your catch will not suffer any cuts in the net and you can send it back into the waters to live another day. The two flat-bottom models are specially made to support the fish and prevent your catch from rolling. These two also feature extended handles that are collapsible for when it's time to stash away the fishing nets for another day. The PVC bagging also curtails hook tangles. The teardrop model's netting is a coated nylon (also fish-friendly), and the seven-inch handle includes a lanyard for attaching to a belt or buckle for the wading trout angler. Be it by boat or by wading, treat your catches right by using a Beckman PVC Fishing Net!

  • High-performance fixed-handle fishing net
  • Net material keeps hooks tangle-free and eliminates injury to the fish
  • Lightweight aluminum makes carrying the net effortless
  • 11 in. size features a lanyard so the angler can attach it to a belt or buckle
  • 17 / 19 in. sizes feature a flat bottom to support the fish and prevent rolling, as well as a quick storage handle for reduced storage profile
  • 11 in. size recommended for bass, catfish, trout, and walleye
  • 17 / 19 in. sizes recommended for bass, kokanee, panfish, trout, and walleye
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

Hoop WidthHoop LengthBag DepthHandle LengthFull Net LengthStorage Net Length
11 in.16 in.12 in.7 in.18 in.N/A
17 in.20 in.20 in.32 in.49 in.33 in.
19 in.24 in.20 in.42 in.63 in.43 in.

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