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BKK Nemesis Extra Wide Gap Worm Hook

Item#: F21357

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This item is temporarily out of stock.

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Product Details

A BKK Nemesis Extra Wide Gap Worm Hook makes it easier to Texas rig bulkier profile soft plastic baits, like flukes and swimbaits. The EWG BKK Nemesis is designed to leave plenty of room between the shank and the point for hook-setting purposes.

Built with medium-light gauge wire to match medium and light weight lines, Nemesis EWG Hooks are armed with a needle-sharp point and Super Slide coating. The two features reduce piercing resistance for enhanced penetration performance and increase your hook-up ratio! Try the hook designed for bigger Texas rig swimbaits, soft-plastic jerkbaits, and creatures – the inescapable BKK Nemesis EWG Worm Hook!

  • Extra Wide Gap design for bulkier profile soft plastic baits
  • High Carbon steel medium-light wire specifically chosen to fit medium and light weight lines
  • Needle sharp hook point and SS coating ease the hook set
  • Forged and tempered to optimum strength
  • Use for: perch, bass fishing, dropshot, freshwater lure fishing, soft baits, Texas rig