Anglers Image Fly Line Pins

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Product Details

Product Details

The Anglers Image Fly Line Pins turn the job of tying a leader to a fly line a simple chore! All you do is center and push the needle end into the fly line; the opposing hoop end of the fly line pin is set now for a loop-to-loop connection with your leader. You may want to ensure the pin's steadfastness with a drop of super glue and/or a whip finish. The pin readily passes through rod guides. Fly anglers can certainly appreciate the simple and fast advantages when they need to change leaders with these effective Anglers Image Fly Line Pins!

  • Insert pin for a fly line to leader connection
  • Creates a loop end
  • Passes through rod guides with ease
  • Small - #10; Medium - #9
  • Qty. per Pack: 3

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