ACME Tackle Custom Painted Little Cleo Spoon

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Item No.: F16652


Acme Tackle Custom Painted Little Cleo Spoons come in bright, vibrant, and uique color patterns. These spoons are very versatile, taking various species of gamefish around the world. Acme Little Cleo Spoons are great for variety of gamefish, ranging from trout and panfish to stripers, pike, and muskie.

The unique hump-backed shape of the Little Cleo results in a seductive, wiggling action as the lure is drawn through the water. The illusion created is one of a baitfish, acting in an erratic, confused manner. This triggers the predatory nature of the gamefish to strike. This appeal to fish explains Little Cleo's fantastic success as the one lure that takes all gamefish.

  • Weight: 2/5 oz. - used for medium to medium - heavy spinning, trolling, and baitcasting in still or running water with 8 - 12 pound test line
  • Weight: 3/4 oz. - used for medium - heavy spinning, trolling, or baitcasting with 10 - 14 pound test line
  • Qty. per pack: 1

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3/5/2018 12:00:00 am

knew of these a year in advance

by Jay83 -

I first found out about these a year ago from the VP over at acme tackle!. I currently own every color and size of the original little cleo so when he told me these warrior cleos were coming I've been patiently waiting for them!! I told fishusa sales about them last year! They didn't know what I was talking about....until Now!!!! Lol. I got a sneak peak of these colors last year from the VP at acme tackle. I just recently ordered these in all colors. If they work as good as the originals then I will have no complaints here as the little cleo is a staple of the great lakes piers and rivers! Thanks fishusa! Can't wait to receive mine!

3/13/2018 12:00:00 am

Blue Anchovy VERY different from picture

by Jay c -

The blue is much more prevalent and much darker. You barely see the "eye" at all. The glow strip is very thin and not very bright even after I held my UV flashlight over it for a long time. Does any of this impact how it fishes? I don't know. Haven't had it in the water yet. I think it will still be productive. It is, after all, a Little Cleo and they sell because they work. I just wanted my fellow FishUSA fanatics to know the picture doesn't really match the spoon I got. The "nasty glare" spoon does match and looks fantastic after a few seconds under the UV light. Can't wait to try that one! I suspect "nasty glare" may become a must buy for Erie shore fishing. It's just got that look about it when it's glowing. Hope to try both spoons in a week or two. Will try to edit this review then. Just wanted to pass along a heads up regarding blue anchovy for anyone thinking of buying that particular spoon.