ACME Tackle Professional Grade Tungsten Jigs

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Item No.: F15759


Built with high-purity tungsten, Acme Professional Grade Tungsten Jigs sink faster, allowing you to fish with a smaller presentation. Acme Tungsten Jigs provide greater sensitivity than lead jigs and are environmentally-safe. Featuring Acme's HD2 finish, Acme Professional Grade Tungsten Jigs will retain their color and luster in the harsh winter conditions. Armed with super-sharp steel red hooks, these jigs create the illusion of a blood trail, and once a fish bites, these hooks won't let go! Get down into the strike zone fast and use what the professionals like - Acme Professional Grade Tungsten Jigs!

  • Exclusive Acme HD2 (High Definition/High Durability) finishes
  • High purity tungsten
  • Super-sharp Japanese steel red hook
  • Qty. Per Pack: 2


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