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The ACCU-CULL All-N-One MINI Kit is a simple way to keep your hooks and baits tight to your rod and prevent tangles. The All-N-One drop shot weight holder mounts anywhere along your rod with O-rings and won't slip or slide. Set your line in the notch and channel in the drop shot weight basket and tighten the reel to hold the weight. Your line won't rub on the channel edge, avoiding wear and tear.


The Accu Cull All-N-One Mini hook and weight holder tames Ned rig or shakey heads, holds a bait without exposing a hook, works with a flip weight, or holds a frog tight to your rod when not in use. A hook holder is on the side of the All-N-One for spinnerbaits. Store a hook, punch weight, Texas Rig, etc., without rehooking the bait. The All-N-One MINI Kit from ACCU-CULL is simple, fast, and efficient!

  • Mounts anywhere along your rod 
  • Holds a hook, drop shot, punch weight, Texas rig, etc.
  • 4 O-ring sizes fit most rods and are UV protected
  • O-ring tip: Using a snug fit, not a tight fit, increases the longevity of the O-rings
  • Holds line without line rubbing or kinking
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

The ACCU-CULL All-N-One MINI Kit is made in the U.S.A.