13 Fishing Descent Inline Ice Reel

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Product Details

Product Details

The 13 Fishing Descent Inline Ice Reel will help you dominate on the ice this winter. The reel features a high-performance graphite frame to provide strength and rigidity. You can also use this reel while using the pencil/pistol grip without touching the spool. Another feature is quick and easy spool changes with the new rapid release spool design. There are five stainless steel ball bearings for the smoothest line operation available. In addition, the Descent reel utilizes instant anti-reverse technology, ensuring a solid hookset every time. Make your fishing buddies jealous with this reel and pick one up today!

  • Graphite frame
  • Rapid release spool
  • Integrated fender
  • Soft touch finish
  • Aluminum handle and star drag drop speed control
  • Dead stick bait alarm
  • Instant anti-reverse


For small panfish - drag not suitable for most trout or trophy panfish


This was my first inline reel purchase (owner of over 80 rods and reels), and is my first reel review such is my disappointment. My greatest issue is the drag. It's inconsistent and weak. The mfg website says max drag was designed to be a measly 2.2 lbs. Wish I had checked that before buying. That's on me.
But the poor functioning of the drag is on the mfg. For most of the drag rotation it changes nothing, then in the middle of the drag range it gets to what might be about 2# of drag, and then further tightening and all the way to to full lockdown it actually loses drag pressure again. So you might want to adjust the drag at home so you can find that small, magic setting in the middle of the range if you chase trout as I do, otherwise you will hear the drag go out when you set the hook. The drop control is slightly better. A 1/32 oz tungsten jig only drops slowly on nearly full lock. Loosen it too much it overspools like a baitcaster can. Cosmetics and the loud clicker are good.

Top-notch Entry level inline


I bought two of these last year as my introduction into ice fishing and instantly fell in love with them for panfishing! The few down sides are some assistance is needed in dropping smaller jigs 1/64 oz and lighter, and having to push the side button to release the spool and then turning the handle to engage can cause you to miss some of those instant bites, but these are small complaints for a $40 reel. Now one thing I had always questioned was its ability to handle the drag of a large fish, but that has now been put to rest. Hooked into a 35 inch muskie (noodle rod, 3lb test) and this reel had NO problem handling the deep runs the fish would take, just turn the star drag back a bit and when its time turn it up a little and start to fight back. Not saying its a go-to big fish reel,but I'm more than pleased and will be purchasing more!

my New reel


Good reel, smooth, except for the one side being partially open, protected by no side plate, and line slips out, sometimes gets tangled. Trying to look cool or weigh less was not functional.

Bait Alarm

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I've read several reviews on this reel and was really interested in the bait alarm feature. There are a few other reels with bait alarm or bait runner feature but at the price point and the flash sale that fish USA had, it was definitely worth a try. I spooled 6lb mono ice line about half of the spool. I attached them to med light power ice rods. I used this set up for dead sticking and it did exactly what I was going for. I feel the bait alarm would not work very well for smaller fish but did the job well for non panfish. The drag held up well and the reel is very smooth. There is a bit of play in between the handle and reel. If you can remember to add some resistance with your hand while releasing your line, that will save you the tangle headaches. I had no issues with reeling up walleyes. I plan on using this same set up in my ice shack instead of rattle reels. I enjoy using rod and reel over the hand line method. I rated this reel at 5 fish because of price point.

like the reel except the freefall

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the free fall idnt what i expected and am disappointed that i have to help line down