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13 Fishing Black Betty 6061 Inline Ice Reel

Item No.: 111458

13 Fishing Black Betty 6061 Inline Ice Reel Models

60612015-RHSKU: 111458
Retrieval Hand
Gear Ratio
Line Retrieve
18 in.
Line Capacity
2/350 4/210 6/150
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This item is out of stock for the season. Please check back in October.

Product Details

The 13 Fishing Black Betty 6061 Inline Ice Reel features a CNC machined 6061 aluminum construction for toughness and durability. The incredible frame design allows anglers to fish a "pistol" or "pencil" grip style without rubbing the rim of the spool. This multiplier fly style reel eliminates line twist so that you can delicately and naturally present small or light baits. With an internal gear cover, smooth carbon drag, anti-reverse, and much more, the Black Betty 6061 Ice Reel gives ice anglers the most bang for their buck. These are the ultimate inline ice reels!

  • 6061 bar stock CNC machined aluminum
  • Integrated fender design
  • Lightweight EVA handle knobs
  • Carbon drag
  • Instant anti-reverse
  • Bait alarm

Ratings & Reviews

6 Reviews

Don’t panic!!!


I bought this reel on a whim, and admittedly I didn't love it at first. It was so radically different from a spinning reel, but if you take some time to learn about it before you go out, you'll realize it's extremely versatile. Some things you should know that the manual doesn't really point out well. It has a clicker, so it's great for a big bait deadstick reel. There is a button to release the bail... seems obvious but it's in the middle of the handle. The reel can have line fall out the side (moreso with fluorocarbon) but as long as you have tension, this isn't an issue.

Great Quality Reel But Expensive

by -

First off these are a quality piece of equipment being machined aluminum. It is also a problem which I have seen no one else talk about . Great build but heavy from all the gearing inside. Reel does stiffen up in the cold from the lube and there are places you can not get into to remove it and relube properly. hard to remove the spool because of an oversized o-ring on the end of the cap but it works ok. Now the bad is its all aluminum. What does metal do in the cold. It sticks to wet hands if you dont believe me stick your tongue to it, but I want to be there to watch. Its great for inside but you will need glove for outside use. Now it does work awesome and you get no line twist or memory from the spool. It is by far a great reel just some issues that have never run across because 99% of reels are composite materials. Worth using but they are a little expensive. May try the composite version and see if they work as well in performance and smoothness.

Poor Quality Control


After all the rave reviews the last couple of years on 13 Fishing Inline Reels I bit the bullet and ordered the 6061. Once received and I opened the box the drag knob wouldn't turn. I then went to remove the spool cap and it was cross threaded on the screw. I removed the spool and the drag knob began to work. I fixed the threads on the screw and reassembled after putting line on the spool. First use on the ice the drag didn't appear to work at all as there was no increase or decrease is drop rate. It also took forever to get down, even using a 5mm tungsten. I also had several instances where line would come out the side of the spool (even though I only filled the spool about half) and cause tangles.

Great Reel

by -

Love these reels, I have 2 and planning buying a 3rd. Very smooth. Push the button and even the smallest tungsten jigs drop to the bottom.

Great Reel, but somewhat overpriced.

by -

This is a great reel with a decent drag system. Used a couple of these reels as well as a few competitors reels this past season. The mass of the spool in dropping lures through the water column was what I preferred in this reel over the others. Once I got used to this type of reel, I'll never go back to a spinning reel, nor will I use the small spool inline jiggler rods in deep water presentations over 8 feet. This reel combined with St. Croix's Legend ice rods with the spring tip is a fabulous combination. Think I've finally found my ideal ice fishing combo.