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Yum F2 Money Fry
The Yum F2 Money Frys are a smaller version of the Yum Money Minnow. These smaller swimbaits work great for crappie, sand bass, and various other panfish.
Yum Money Minnows
The Yum Money Minnows have a natural swimming action, a realistic profile, and a super soft body. These baits have a unique hook slot through the belly to ensure straight rigging and true running perf
Yumbrella Ultralight Tripods
The Yumbrella Ultralight Tripods simulate a small school of baitfish by rigging 3 Money Frys or Grubs together. These rigs feature impressive strength and durability. The lure arms are stainless steel
Yum F2 Panfish Wooly Tubes
The Yum F2 Panfish Wooly Tubes are an angler favorite worldwide for crappie, panfish, walleye, etc. These baits combine a ribbed head, which causes vibrations in the water, and a tail that is made up
Yum F2 Panfish Wooly Curltails
The Yum F2 Panfish Wooly Curltails work great for crappie, bass, walleye, or any other panfish you are going for. These baits have a ribbed head to cause extreme water displacement and a curly tail
Yum F2 Panfish Wooly Beavertails
The Yum F2 Panfish Wooly Beavertails create an unusual profile in the water and are perfect for slow trolling. They have a large ribbed head that creates a unique vibration, which causes extreme water
Yum F2 Panfish Wooly Bee
The Yum F2 Panfish Wooly Bees have a ribbed body that creates unique vibrations that cause extreme water displacement and soft tentacles for tails which flare around grabbing the attention of every
Yum F2 Panfish Tad Fry
The Yum F2 Panfish Tad Frys have a short grub body that ends with a short stinger tail that continuously wiggles back and forth, disturbing the water. This makes these lures extremely effective when
Yum F2 Houdini Frys
The Yum F2 Houdini Frys feature a baitfish shaped body with a long tail that wiggles back and forth when pulled through the water. The Yum F2 Houdini Frys are great fished under a float.
Yum F2 Teeny Shads
The Yum F2 Teeny Shads work best when slow trolling or vertical jigging for all species of panfish. These baits feature a baitfish shaped body with a tail of soft flowing tentacles.
Yum F2 Panfish Tubes
The Yum F2 Panfish Tubes feature a slightly larger profile than standard panfish tubes. Ultra durable soft plastics are used in the making of the Yum F2 Panfish Tubes allowing for multiple fish.
Yum F2 Mighty Worms
The Yum F2 Mighty Worms come in a variety of bass catching colors and are infused with YUM's F2 attractant during the molding process. The powerful attractant gives off a robust scent that bass can't
Yum F2 Dingers
The Yum F2 Dingers are one of the most versatile soft baits on the market today. These baits can be Texas, Carolina, or wacky rigged. They can also be weighted or weightless and will still be a bass