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Schooley's Depth Marker Reel Pins
The Schooley's Depth Marker Reel Pins are the replacement pins for the Schooley Ice Reels. These pins allow you to consistently offer your presentation at a given depth easily. Each package contains two reel pins. Schooley's Depth Marker Reel Pins are made in the U.S.A.
Schooley's Spring Bobber
1 Review
Schooley's Spring Bobbers are an ultra sensitive spring steel bite indicator. This is the replacement spring bobber for the Schooley's Spring Bobber Pole. This model needs to be tied, taped, or epoxied to the rod. The tip is fluorescent orange for added visibility. Each package contains one bobber. Schooley's Spring Bobber is made in the U.S.A.
Schooley's De-Ma-Reel
9 Reviews
The Schooley's De-Ma-Reel is a great replacement reel for any ice rod using a wide spool horizontal jigging reel. This reel features plastic construction with a bracket for mounting, a drag tension adjustment and a linemarker. The reel spool measures 3 1/4" in diameter and is 9/16" wide. Please note that these reels come in Green, Red and Yellow colors. Our color choice only.
Schooley's Ice Fishing Outfit
1 Review
The Schooley's Ice Fishing Outfit includes a 26" Schooley's combo, complete with rod, reel, line and spring bobber, reel line marker pin, rod stand, ice fishing jigs and a 16" plastic ice skimmer with a 5" cup. These outfits are great for panfish and trout. The reel features an adjustable drag. Colors may vary from the product photo shown.
Schooley's Spring Bobber Pole, Reel and Acces...
51 Reviews
Schooley's spring bobber ice fishing rod and accessories. This is a great package for light ice fishing. It includes a Schooley's spring bobber pole in either a 21" or 40" length, a jig pole reel with an adjustable drag, pre-spooled with line, a reel line marker pin, a rod stand and even an ice fishing jig. The reel may be either red, yellow or green in color. The 40" rods are a bit stiffer than the 21" rod, but all are designed for panfish.
$7.95 - $8.45