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Panther Martin4 RESULTS
Panther Martin Salmonlite Spinners
Panther Martin Salmonlite Spinners are lightweight lures for salmon and steelhead anglers. These spinners come in vibrant painted UV finishes to maximize reflection and visibility. The hammered blades create vibration and flash sending fish into a feeding frenzy. Salmonlite Spinners feature replaceable hoochie skirts, easy-to-replace split rings, and high-quality treble hooks. Each package contains one lure.
$6.25 - $8.25
Panther Martin Classic Pattern Spinners
Panther Martin Classic Pattern Spinners are truly effective fishing lures. These spinners are proven to catch many species like trout, pike, walleye, panfish, perch, and more. Panther Martin Classic Patterns add a flash effect to increase your catch.
$3.95 - $4.25
Panther Martin Hammered Spinners
3 Reviews
Panther Martin Hammered Spinners are the next generation in the Panther Martin Classic series of spinners. These super luminous spinners feature light reflecting blades providing a kaleidoscope of flashes that fish just cannot resist. Unique color patterns, including fluorescent bodies and UV blades (select colors), make Panther Martin Hammered Spinners a must-have for any angler. Panther Martin Hammered Spinners are deadly on a wide range of species, including trout, panfish, bass, walleye, per...
$3.95 - $4.25
Panther Martin Regular Series Spinners
9 Reviews
For over 50 years, anglers have chosen Panther Martin as their spinner of choice. These classic spinners have proven themselves irresistible to all gamefish. Whether you are fishing for small trout or panfish or casting for bass and pike, Panther Martin is simply one of the best lures to have in your tackle box. Panther Martin Classic Regular spinners are deadly on trout, bass, pike, muskie, salmon, pickerel, perch, crappie, steelhead, and more. All gold, silver, and copper blades are genuine g...
$3.95 - $4.95