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Shimano Stradic FK Spinning Reels
Shimano Stradic FK Spinning Reels are constructed with a Hagane body to provide stiffness and impact resistance to virtually eliminate body flexing. The Hagane gear gives you long-lasting smoothness, while the cold-forged spool provided strength and durability. These reels offer improved balance and weight to help reduce fatigue. Stradic FK reels are equipped with Shimano's Propulsion Line Management System with Aero Wrap II Oscillation, setting the standard for design and durability. Stradic F...
Rapala Metal Stringer
The Rapala Metal Stringer is constructed of heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a vinyl-coating. This stringer features solid brass sliding sleeves and swivels with nine sliding clasps and two end clasps. The Rapala Metal Stringer is a great way to keep your catch in the water while you continue fishing. This stringer is five and one-half feet in length. Each package contains one stringer.
Rapala Lure Wraps
Rapala Lure Wraps offer anglers easy, safe, tangle-free storage and transport of lures. These wraps protect you from sharp a lure's sharp hooks and keeps those hooks from snagging on unwanted objects. The attached metal clasp clips to your rod's hook keeper to keep the lure and the wrap secure in place. Rapala Lure Wraps are constructed of durable nylon that is resistant to hook snags. Each package contains three lure wraps.
$8.95 - $9.95
Rapala Lighted Marker Buoy
The Rapala Lighted Marker Buoy features four water contact sensors that provide water-activated, automatic turn on. This buoy can run 60 hour on two replaceable AA batteries (not included). The two LED blubs are super bright and can easily be seen from a distance. An internal on/off switch allows you to switch the lights off during daytime use to preserve battery life. The Rapala Lighted Marker Buoy is designed to be perfectly balanced and compact. Each package contains one marker buoy and a 50...
Rapala Dipsy Diver Holder
The Rapala Dipsy Diver Holder is designed to securely store a single size 030, 000, or 001 Luhr Jensen Dipsy Diver (sold separately). This holder is constructed of durable composite plastic and keeps your diver handy for quick rigging. The Rapala Dipsy Diver Holder can easily be mounted to any flat surface on your boat or in your garage. Each package contains one diver holder, stainless steel screws, and 3M souble-sided boding tape.
Reaction Innovations Flirt Worms
Reaction Innovations Flirt Worms are known for catching fish and winning tournaments. As these finesse baits move through the water, the forward-facing ridges along the body create ripples, while the tail waves in a deadly, fish-attracting motion. The thick, durable body and head keep these baits on your hooks without tearing. Flirt Worms are incredibly effective when used for drop shot fishing or with a variety of finesse techniques. These baits are just under five inches in length. Each packag...
Reaction Innovations Pocket Rockets
Reaction Innovations Pocket Rockets utilize a new Titanic Plastic formula for a heavier, more durable bait. These stick baits are designed to get down fast and deep for greater penetration into the weeds and brush. The ridges along the body create fish-attracting ripples and provide the ultimate presentation. Whether Texas-rigging, fishing wacky style, or using other techniques, you'll find Pocket Rockets to be a top bait in bass fishing. Each package contains eight baits.
Reaction Innovations Smallie Beavers
Reaction Innovations Smallie Beavers are a smaller version of the Sweet Beavers. These baits feature durable, solid bodies that won't tear easily. The ribbed body moves through the water creating motion and ripples that entice fish. The detailed tail and appendages provide attraction, plus the tail can be cut for twice the fish-attracting action. Reaction Innovations Smallie Beavers are deadly for bass, but work great for crappie and panfish, too. Each package contains ten baits.
$4.65 - $4.75
Rapala Fisherman's Multi-Tool
Rapala Fisherman's Multi-Tool is a trusty sidekick, that combines all the commonly needed tools any angler needs. The die-cast metal frame proves this tool is sure to be a staple in your tackle box for years to come. Rapala Fisherman's Multi-Tool fits securely in your hand or can be fastened to your belt loop by the carabiner clip.
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Tiny Ika
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Tiny Ika are designed to attract fish with their flaring tentacle tails. The swimming action of these baits is sure to attract fish to strike. The solid grub body is soft, yet durable, and will not easily tear. Yamamoto Crappie Tiny Ika are excellent for dropshot fishing, as well as a variety of applications. Bass, crappie and other panfish will go crazy over these little baits. Each bait is approximately three inches in length. Each package contains 15 baits.
Gary Yamamoto Fat Ika
Gary Yamamoto Fat Ika are incredibly effective for bass fishing. The skirted tail is designed with multiple tentacles that attract fish. Ridges along the body create fish-enticing ripples as these baits move through the water. Yamamoto Fat Ika have durable, solid bodies that are great at penetrating deep into areas with brush and weeds. These baits come in a variety of fish-catching colors. Each bait is four inches in length. Each package contains ten baits.
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Swim Senkos
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Swim Senkos take two trusty soft baits and combine them to make one irresistible bait. With the worm-like front end, and the side to side tail action, this bait gets the fish to strike. These are swim baits that can be rigged weightlessly because they have and even fall rate, perfect for shallow water. Gary Yamamoto Crappie Swim Senkos can even be weightlessly texas rigged, for great swimming action in heavy weed cover. These baits are three inches in length and are a great...
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Yamaminnows
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Yamaminnows take the trusty combinations Gary Yamamoto has come up with for bass, and turned them into great lures for panfish.
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Grubs
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Grubs are excellent for crappie and other types of panfish. These baits feature a high-action tail that drives crappie crazy. Yamamoto Grubs come in a variety of colors, making them perfect for any water conditions and applications. Each bait is two inches in length. Each package contains 20 baits.
Daiwa Revros Spinning Reels
Daiwa Revros Spinning Reels offer anglers a great reel full of features at an affordable price. These reels are equipped with an Air Rotor, Digigear, and ABS aluminum spool. The Air Rotor reduces weight and evenly distributes stress to provide maximum strength. Revros Spinning Reels are lightweight, super sensitive, and smooth, making them excellent for a variety of fishing applications.
$49.95 - $59.95
Reaction Innovations Sweet Beavers
Reaction Innovations Sweet Beavers are tough, compact baits that are great for bass fishing. These baits are designed with ribs that produce fish-attracting ripples and motion as they move through the water. The textured beaver tail features ridges, plus the tail can be split into a twin tail for extra action. Sweet Beavers have thick bodies to ensure they won't tear and recessed centerline to offer greater hook penetration. With awesome two- and three-color patterns, Reaction Innovations Sweet ...
Rapala Scatter Rap Deep Shad
Rapala Scatter Rap Shad Deep Lures combine the optimum bait fish shape with the quick and unpredictable movements of a fleeing bait fish. This lure puts out all the quick action of an escaping fish that provokes an attack, getting you the bite. Rapala Scatter Rap Shad Deep Lures are silent and quick diving, getting your bait right to the strike zone.
Blood Run Tackle Tournament Monofilament Line
Blood Run Tackle Tournament Monofilament Line is made with extra abrasion-resistant coatings and shock-absorbing resins. This super-slick line is designed to handle the demands of tournament anglers without unexpected breakage. Blood Run Tournament Monofilament offers excellent knot strength and is great for all types of trolling applications, including downrigger rods, divers, outriggers, or as copper backer. Blood Run Tackle Tournament Monofilament Line is made in the U.S.A.
Daiwa J-Braid
Daiwa J-Braid is designed to be soft, supple, and strong. The thin diameter helps to increase casting distance, while the hi-vis chartreuse color is great for a variety of fishing applications. This smooth, round profile line offers the ultimate in abrasion resistance to prevent line breakage even around the heaviest of structure. Daiwa J-Braid delivers the perfect combination of strength and quality.
$14.95 - $24.95
Terminator Walking Frogs
Terminator Walking Frogs offer a perfect walking action right out of the package. These lures feature the widest hook gap available, but are still able to go through the heaviest of cover. The super soft body easily compresses for greater hook-ups, while the rear weight allows for longer, more accurate casting. Terminator Walking Frogs are built with lifelike round rubber legs, a heavy-duty, welded line tie, and a premium VMC hook.
Rapala Ultra Light Pop
Rapala Ultra Light Pop lures are excellent for bass, but are truly a multi-species bait. With 3D holographic eyes and realistic colors, these poppers offer a true-to-life presentations that are sure to trigger strikes. Ultra Light Pop lures may be small, but they pack big-time action. Features of Rapala Ultra Light Pop lures include Natural and chrome patterns, a Deep, cupped lip, and VMC black nickel round bend treble hooks.
VMC Touch-Lok Snaps
VMC Touch-Lok Snaps are super strong, premium, stainless steel snaps that will not pop open. These snaps feature an easy-open and easy-close, revolutionary locking mechanism. Touch-Lok Snaps come in a black nickel finish.
VMC Stainless Steel Tournament Snap Swivels
VMC Stainless Steel Tournament Snap Swivels are strong, durable, and saltwater-ready. These snap swivels are constructed of a stainless steel snap, rings, and body. VMC Tournament Snap Swivels feature a smooth rotation that eliminates line twist and reduces line breakage.
VMC Stainless Steel Split Rings
VMC Stainless Steel Split Rings utilize and all-steel construction for superior strength. These plit rings are saltwater ready and great for all your heavy-duty fishing needs. VMC Stainless Steel Split Rings have tapered ends to reduce line abrasion and minimize cut lines, which means more fish in the boat.
VMC Stainless Steel Rolling Swivels
VMC Stainless Steel Rolling Swivels are built to be durable, strong, and saltwater-ready. These swivels are constructed with stainless steel rings and body. VMC Rolling Swivels offer a smooth rotation that reduces line breakage by eliminating line twist.
VMC Stainless Steel Heavy-Duty Ball Bearing Tournament Snap Swivels
VMC Stainless Steel Heavy-Duty Ball Bearing Tournament Snap Swivels are designed with independently rotating ends to eliminate line twist. These saltwater-ready swivels are constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel with a uniform welded ring for exceptional strength. VMC Tournament Snap Swivels provide the ultimate in performance for big game anglers.
VMC Stainless Steel Heavy-Duty Ball Bearing Swivels
VMC Stainless Steel Heavy-Duty Ball Bearing Swivels are constructed with uniform welded rings designed to provide superior strength and performance. These saltwater-ready swivels feature stainless steel rings and body. Each end rotates independently to virtually eliminate line twist.
VMC Split Rings
VMC Split Rings feature a stainless steel construction with a black nickel finish. These split rings are made to be durable and long-lasting. Tapered ends help to reduce line abrasion. VMC Split Rings come in a wide variety of sizes to fit any lure or application.
VMC Rolling Swivels
VMC Rolling Swivels help to reduce the line twisting that causes line breakage. These swivels are constructed of premium brass with a black nickel finish. VMC Rolling Swivels offer a smooth, barrel rotation with less drag. Each package contains ten swivels, except size 1/0 which contains only five swivels.
VMC Line Tie Split Rings
VMC Line Tie Split Rings are constructed of premium stainless steel to ensure strength and durability. These split rings feature a tear-drop shape to help secure knots in place. Tapered ends reduce line abrasion. Line Tie Split Rings have a black nickel finish. Each package contains ten split rings.
VMC Duolock Snaps
VMC Duolock Snaps are versatile and easy to use. These snaps can be open at two positions to connect leaders and lures. The stainless steel construction means these snaps are built to be strong and durable. VMC Duolock Snaps feature a black nickel finish.
VMC Duolock Snap Swivels
VMC Duolock Snap Swivels are constructed with a premium stainless steel snap and a brass swivel. Each snap swivel features a black nickel finish. Duolock snap swivels are designed to eliminate line twist to reduce line breakage and to help you land more fish. Each package contains five snap swivels.
VMC Ball Bearing Swivels
VMC Ball Bearing Swivels feature a premium brass construction with a black nickel finish. These smooth rotating swivels help prevent your line from twisting and ensure you land more fish. Ball bearings are positioned to reduce friction and maintain performance. VMC Ball Bearing Swivels feature durable split rings for easy on and off.
VMC Tungsten Worm Weights
VMC Tungsten Worm Weights are a great lead-free alternative. Tungsten weights are safer for the environment, plus extremely hard and super sensitive. With a 35% smaller profile, these weights provide better penetration and less chance of snagging. VMC Tungsten Worm Weights are insert-free for easier line threading. Each package contains three weights.
VMC Tungsten Flipping Weights
VMC Tungsten Flipping Weights feature a 35% smaller profile for easier penetration and fewer snags. These weights are made of lead-free tungsten that is extremely hard, providing more sensitivity to light bites and around structures. VMC Tungsten Flipping Weights are coated in an ultra-tough color coating.
VMC Sinker Stops
VMC Sinker Stops securely hold your weight in place while eliminate crimping and possible damage to the line. These stops are made of high-density, neoprene. VMC Sinker Stops are excellent for punching, flipping, or pitching rigs. Each package contains ten stops.
Big Jon Auto-Stop Beads & Crimps
Big Jon Auto-Stop Beads & Crimps are excellent replacement parts for the Big Jon Auto-Stop System (sold separately). These beads and crimps will help automatically stop the downrigger motor when the cannonball has been fully retrieved. Each package contains two beads and four crimps.
Frogg Toggs Classic Pro Action Rain Pants
Frogg Toggs Classic Pro Action Pants are ultra-lightweight and breathable. These rain pants are constructed made of 100% nonwoven polypropylene that is both waterproof and breathable. Because the pores are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, moisture cannot penetrate. In addition, the patented seaming process eliminates needle holes and possible water entry. Polymer zippers and snaps eliminate the worry of rust, even in snow and saltwater conditions. Classic Pro Action Pants have...
$14.95 - $16.95
Big Jon Trolling Spoons
Big Jon Trolling Spoons are proven to be tournament winning lures. These spoons are just another example of the great craftsmanship that Big Jon has coming out of Michigan. Each color has proven fish catching qualities for trolling. These spoons have genuine silver plating with super UV and glow in the dark colors available. Big Jon Trolling Spoons are good additions to your tackle box because they have the action you need and the quality to use them for years to come.
$6.95 - $7.95
Rapala Scatter Rap Tail Dancer
Rapala Scatter Rap Tail Dancers feature a scatter lip design and a tapered tail. These two features combine wide swinging tail action with erratic lip movement, making this lure irresistible to any game fish. The Scatter rap line creates the skittish actions of a real fleeing bait fish. These floating lures are made from balsa and have evasive sweeping action perfect for casting or trolling.