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ION Ice Auger Extensions
The ION Ice Auger Extensions allow you to gain drilling depth during thick ice conditions. They are made of fully welded steel and have an ION green powder-coated finish. These extensions come with all the mounting hardware needed to install.
ION Battery Bag
The ION Battery Bag is made out of durable 600D polyester oxford fabric and has inner wall mesh pockets that can hold hand warmers to keep the batteries warm, which allows them to hold their charge longer. The battery in the picture is for demonstration purposes only and is not included.
ION Electric Ice Auger Replacement Blades
The ION Electric Ice Auger Replacement Blades will keep your fishing hole smooth without jagged edges that can occur from cutting with dull blades. These replacement blades are for use with the Ion Electric Ice Augers and come with the mounting hardware.
ION Electric Ice Auger Replacement Battery Pack
1 Review
The ION Electric Ice Auger Replacement Battery Pack is the same battery that comes stock on the Ion Electric Ice Auger. After years of recharging and time spent in cold weather, rechargeable batteries can loose their charge quickly or simply not take a charge at all. This battery will breath new life into your Ion Electric Ice Auger.
ION Electric Ice Augers
13 Reviews
ION Electric Ice Augers are the first high performance electric ice auger. These augers feature durable blade that cuts holes just like a gas-powered auger but without the bone-jarring, out of control experience that is characteristic of power augers. The ION Electric Ice Auger is amazingly quiet and weighs only 22 pounds. With ION Electric Ice Augers, all you need to do is charge the battery and go out on the lake and start drilling. The battery on this auger will cut up to 40 holes of 2-foot i...
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