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Hawken Fishing Aero Float
The Hawken Fishing Aero Floats are designed and have been tested to produce a float unlike any other. They are carved on a lathe similar to the method used in shaping balsa or cork floats then hand painted by master craftsmen with the highest quality paints. Unlike injection molding, this produces a perfectly uniform body that floats true regardless of water conditions. These Aero Floats include two coats of non-reflective matte black to ensure a glare free natural presentation in the brightest weather conditions and come in 4 different models to meet all your fishing needs.
$3.75 - $6.15
Hawken Fishing AeroJig Jig Heads
The Hawken Fishing AeroJig Jig Heads are Gamakatsu hooks with powder painted (with UV and fluorescent dyes and pigments) heads. These jigs will stand up to the hardships of fishing for any species of fish and come 3 to a pack.
Hawken Fishing Nipper Series Aero Jigs
The Hawken Fishing Nipper Series Aero Jigs are premium handcrafted jigs that come in a variety of colors and sizes. They have a powder coated head for durability and hand painted eyes. Hawken Fishing chooses only the finest quality feathers and dyes them with vibrant UV colors and then hand ties them to the jigs.
Hawken Fishing Marabou Series Aero Jigs
The Hawken Fishing Marabou Series Aero Jig were designed to fish for salmon or steelhead regardless of the water conditions. All of the hooks are customized with 1/0 wire to ensure superb fighting strength and the heads are powder painted to ensure a bullet proof, scent free finish. Only premium feathers are chosen and then dyed and tied to exact specifications with UV and vivid colors. These jigs have a buggy pulsating action that makes them irresistible to fish everywhere and are all hand tied and inspected.