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Hali Tapla Ice Jigs
The Hali Talpa Ice Jigs are great for perch, trout and panfish. The Hali Talpa Ice Jigs great for ice fishing, or ultra-light vertical jigging year round. The Hali Talpa Ice Jigs hang at the optimal angle to ensure a proper hook-set when bit. These jigs feature bright/flashy colored heads with painted eyes.
Hali Duo Lock Chains
The Hali Duo Lock Chains fit the Hali "Sukkula" Jigs. These chains are popular for ice fishing and can be used to customize other jigs and spoons. Hali Duo Lock Chains are available in 25 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm sizes and feature snap connections on both ends. These Duo Lock Chains come in packs of 2.
Hali Chain Hooks
The Hali Chain Hooks fit the Hali "Sukkula" Jigs. These hooks are popular for ice fishing. These hooks are also popular for customizing other jigs and spoons. Hali Chain Hooks are available with size 8 hooks. Size 8 hook is available with 35 mm chains.
Hali Tube Hooks
Hali Tube Hooks feature bright-colored tubes over a metal dropper chain hook. Each package comes with two tube hooks and includes two split rings. Use these tube hooks alone or attach them to your favorite spoon or jig. Hali Tube Hooks are great for ice fishing and other year-round fishing.
Hali Micro Ice Jigs
Hali Micro Ice Jigs are versatile ice jigs built for bottom pounding and maximum visibility. Micro Ice jigs feature bright-colored heads with eyes and flashy pink tails. Hali Micro Ice jigs are great for perch, trout and panfish. Great for ice fishing, or for vertical jigging all year round. Hali Micro Jigs are approximately 7/8" in length. Each package contains two jigs.
Hali Sukkula Jigs
The Hali Sukkula Jigs are very popular for vertical jigging while ice fishing. Hali Sukkula Jigs feature a slim minnow body with a #10 chain hook.
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