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Yo-Zuri Hybrid Fluorocarbon/Nylon Line - Green
Yo-Zuri Hybrid Fluorocarbon/Nylon Line is the first and only fishing line that molecularly bonds nylon and fluorocarbon during extrusion. Yo-Zuri Hybrid Green
$13.75 - $34.95
$9.63 - $24.47
Phat Nasty Flies
The Phat Nasty Flies are intruder style streamers are tied on 40 mm Senyo's Articulated Shanks. The size 6 Gamakatsu octopus hook is attached to the shank using
Church Tackle Revelator Flashers
The Church Tackle Revelator Flashers are unique fish shaped flashers with 3-D eyes and flashy WTP tape. Combine these flashers with any of your top producing spoons, flies, or cut bait heads.
Yum F2 Money Fry
The Yum F2 Money Frys are a smaller version of the Yum Money Minnow. These smaller swimbaits work great for crappie, sand bass, and various other panfish.
G. Loomis Demo Rod Specials
We are offering the G. Loomis Demo Rod Specials at deep discounts. These rods have never been fished and are brand new. All rods carry the original manufacturers warranty.
$145.00 - $365.00
Yum Money Minnows
The Yum Money Minnows have a natural swimming action, a realistic profile, and a super soft body. These baits have a unique hook slot through the belly to ensure straight rigging and true running perf
Yum F2 Panfish Wooly Tubes
The Yum F2 Panfish Wooly Tubes are an angler favorite worldwide for crappie, panfish, walleye, etc. These baits combine a ribbed head, which causes vibrations in the water, and a tail that is made up
Yum F2 Panfish Wooly Curltails
The Yum F2 Panfish Wooly Curltails work great for crappie, bass, walleye, or any other panfish you are going for. These baits have a ribbed head to cause extreme water displacement and a curly tail
Yum F2 Panfish Wooly Beavertails
The Yum F2 Panfish Wooly Beavertails create an unusual profile in the water and are perfect for slow trolling. They have a large ribbed head that creates a unique vibration, which causes extreme water
Yum F2 Panfish Wooly Bee
The Yum F2 Panfish Wooly Bees have a ribbed body that creates unique vibrations that cause extreme water displacement and soft tentacles for tails which flare around grabbing the attention of every
Yum F2 Panfish Tad Fry
The Yum F2 Panfish Tad Frys have a short grub body that ends with a short stinger tail that continuously wiggles back and forth, disturbing the water. This makes these lures extremely effective when
Yum F2 Houdini Frys
The Yum F2 Houdini Frys feature a baitfish shaped body with a long tail that wiggles back and forth when pulled through the water. The Yum F2 Houdini Frys are great fished under a float.
Yum F2 Teeny Shads
The Yum F2 Teeny Shads work best when slow trolling or vertical jigging for all species of panfish. These baits feature a baitfish shaped body with a tail of soft flowing tentacles.
Yum F2 Panfish Tubes
The Yum F2 Panfish Tubes feature a slightly larger profile than standard panfish tubes. Ultra durable soft plastics are used in the making of the Yum F2 Panfish Tubes allowing for multiple fish.
Yum F2 Mighty Worms
The Yum F2 Mighty Worms come in a variety of bass catching colors and are infused with YUM's F2 attractant during the molding process. The powerful attractant gives off a robust scent that bass can't
Yum F2 Dingers
The Yum F2 Dingers are one of the most versatile soft baits on the market today. These baits can be Texas, Carolina, or wacky rigged. They can also be weighted or weightless and will still be a bass
Cortland Travel Fly Rod With Carrying Case
Cortland Travel Fly Rods With Carrying Case, travel fly rods, travel fly rod outfits, cortland fly rod, fly rods, cheap fly rods, cheap fly outfits, fly rods with carrying case, cortland fly fishing
Frogg Toggs Amphib Neoprene Camo Bootfoot Waders
Okuma SST Mooching Rods
Okuma SST Mooching Rods are constructed of IM-8 graphite blanks. SST Mooching Rods are equipped with durable stainless steel guide frames with braid-ready Zirconium inserts. Okuma SST Rods also feature custom reel seats, premium grips, and a gorgeous metallic copper finish.
$69.95 - $79.95
$52.46 - $59.96
Frabill FXE SnoSuit Jacket
With the Frabill SnoSuit Jacket you get warmth, comfort, durability and versatility with contemporary design and style.
$279.95 - $284.95
$179.95 - $184.95
IceArmor Life Vest With Whistle
The IceArmor Life Vest With Whistle is Coast Guard approved and designed to eliminate the nagging feeling of wearing a life vest. Built in emergency whistle along with easy to find pocket for ice picks you can hit the ice with peace of mind. Hand warming fleece lined pockets and larger arm openings make this the most comfortable life vest on the market.
Striker Predator Jacket
The Striker Predator Jacket has light weight 320D shell fabric and 100g Thermadex insulation which makes it a light weight jacket but still a heavy weight when it comes to cold weather performance. You won't find this combination of features offered anywhere else in the ice fishing market. The Striker Predator Jacket is designed for the active angler that is out in the less extreme weather.
Striker Guardian Bibs
The Striker Guardian Bibs have extra flotation material in the seat and knees for additional protection. The bibs also have full length leg zippers, 600D Endura knees and an adjustable inseam/cuff. Easy to use velcro closures on storm flaps. These bibs have 50g of Thermadex insulation to provide additional warmth and separation barriers for more comfort.
Striker Guardian Jacket
The Striker Guardian Jacket is an ultra light shell jacket with Sureflote flotation assist can be worn on the boat, at the marina, working the docks, manning the nets or even on the winter ice. It has a waterproof and breathable shell that is fully seam taped so it can serve as rain gear and the underarm vents help moderate inside temperatures.
SpiderWire Stealth Braid - Glow-Vis
SpiderWire Stealth Braid - Glow-Vis offers the popular color of low-vis green with a unique UV reflective coating that appears to glow in the sunlight for better visibility and the ability to watch how your line moves. Since UV cannot penetrate water, the low-vis color will continue to be less visible to fish and disappear in low light conditions.
$14.95 - $34.95
$11.21 - $26.21
Berkley Pistol Lip Grip
The Berkley Pistol Lip Grip is designed to latch onto the lip of a fish and lock down after the trigger is released. The only way the jaws will open is by activating the trigger on the tool.
$39.95 - $59.95
$31.96 - $47.96
Okuma Rod Specials
These Okuma Rod Specials are dealer samples, and we are offering them at deep discounts. These rods have never been fished, only handled.
$48.95 - $88.95
Yellow Bird Big Bird Game Side Surface Planer
The Big Bird is the NEW side surface planer specially designed for big game trolling. The Big Bird is molded of EPS foam and has an internal ballast system just like the original Yellow Bird. The internal ballast system lets the Big Bird handle most types of lures and rigs, in most water conditions. The Big Bird planer board is great for Stripers, Walleye, Muskies, Salmon, Steelhead, and Salt Water game fish.
Hodgman Felt Sole Replacement Kit
The Hodgman Felt Sole Replacement Kit is an economical way to extend the life of your wading boots. The felt kit includes these items; One pair felt soles (large enough to replace any size wading shoe felt), one tube of cement and easy to follow directions.
Strike King Rage Tail Crab
The Strike King Rage Tail Crab features a unique and exclusive tail and leg design sure to drive bass crazy. Rage Tail Saltwater Series baits are made with a ne
Berkley 110 Volt Electric Fillet Knife (BC6/8EFK)
The Berkley 110 Volt Electric Fillet Knife makes filleting chores a quick and easy task. The Berkley Electric Fillet Knife includes a powerful electric knife with separate 6" and 8" stainless steel blades. The serrated blade design on this electric fish fillet knife cuts through fillets and bone effortlessly. The specially designed motor and housing keep the motor cool, even during extended filleting jobs, for maximum performance. The blade release and trigger lock help to protect against unwanted accidents.
St. Croix Rod Specials
These St. Croix Rod Specials are dealer samples, and we are offering them at deep discounts. These rods have never been fished, only handled.
$40.00 - $300.00
Sage Xi3 Series Fly Rods
Sage Xi3 Series Fly Rods are constructed using Sage’s exclusive SaltH2O Technology to provide a groundbreaking level of torque and torsion resistance for superi
$785.00 - $795.00
$549.50 - $556.50
Strike King Pro Tubes - 2"
Strike King Pro Tubes are salted soft plastic tube baits, excellent for panfish of all species. These tubes fish great on a light jig head or a single hook for
Strike King Pro Rigged Stubby Butt
The Strike King Pro Rigged Stubby Butt is a terrific panfish soft plastic bait jig combination. The broad body offers an excellent profile while the short tail
Sage Splashing Trout Tee
The Sage Splashing Trout Tee is short sleeve and made with organic cotton for the environmentally friendly fishermen. This comfy tee features the Splashing Trou
Blood Run Tackle Downrigger Monofilament Line
Blood Run Tackle Monofilament Downrigger Line is a premium clear monofilament designed with UV resistant and abrasion resistant materials. This line was designed to provide anglers with a durable, sinking line for use when running lures with downriggers. Blood Run Tackle Monofilament Downrigger Line is available in 330 yds. (20 lb. and 30 lb.) and 2000 yds. (20 lb. only).
Matzuo Zen Series Binate Finesse Lures
Matzuo Zen Binate Finesse lures are shallow runners available in 2 1/2 in. and 3 1/2 in. sizes. Zen Binate Finesse lures feature a jointed section to create a perfect swimming action. Matzuo Zen Binate Finesse lures float like a live resting fish, and dive 0-2 ft. or 0-4 ft. when in motion.
Matzuo Nano Hopper Lures
Matzuo Nano Hopper lures look and act like a small grasshopper and display the characteristics of the real thing. Nano Hopper lures are great for game fish including Trout, Bass, Perch, and panfish. Matzuo Nano Hopper lures are 2" in length, weigh 3/16 oz. and dive 0-3 ft.
Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow Deep Diver Jointed Lures
The Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow Deep Diver Jointed Lures feature a deep diving lip that gets the lure down fast and keeps it there. The Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow Deep Diver Jointed Lures are great for a wide variety of fresh and saltwater species. These lures feature the brilliant, internationally patented 3D Prism Finish that reflects all subsurface light. The reflected light attracts fish from far distances as well as in turbid water. The jointed, natural “minnow” shaped, body which produces a responsive darting action, further enhancing the 3D Prism effect. Available in 12 colors