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Acme Kastmaster Kits
Acme Kastmaster Kits offer you three great Kastmaster lures in one convenient package. These kits are great for trout and panfish applications. Acme Kastmaster Kits come in the most popular colors to ensure you have an awesome day catching fish.
Acme Phoebe
17 Reviews
Acme Phoebe lures are a versatile casting lure/spoon suitable for a wide variety of species. The unique curvature of the Phoebe produces a spinning/wobbling action that drives fish crazy. The profile of this lure paired with the stamped scale pattern and fins creates a 3-D illusion that looks like a plump full bodied baitfish. Phoebe spoons are for anything from trout and panfish to salmon and saltwater species. The 1/12 ounce and 1/8 ounce sizes are also deadly when vertically jigged ice fishin...
$2.55 - $3.75
Acme Kastmasters
109 Reviews
Acme Kastmasters feature a balance that produces wild lure action without line twist. Because of the aerodynamic design, these are great distance casting lures. Kastmaster's catch fish from pan sized trout and panfish to bragging size salmon and stripers, in both fresh and saltwater. Kastmasters are machined from solid brass, resulting in a lure that won't break, bend, or corrode and it retains its luster even after repeated uses in saltwater. Acme Kastmasters are is made in the U.S.A.
$2.95 - $10.25
Acme K.O. Wobbler Spoons
44 Reviews
Acme K.O. Wobbler Spoons excite fish by sight and sound! Gamefish are sensitive to the vibrations created by baitfish on the move. K.O. Wobblers mimic this sound with their precision engineered "Sonic Flipper Tail". Once they are drawn by the sound, gamefish are excited into striking by the K.O.'s flashing tail and seductive side-to-side wobble. It's an offer they can't refuse. Acme K.O. Wobbler Spoons are made in the U.S.A.
$3.15 - $6.75
Acme Little Cleo Spoons
61 Reviews
Acme Little Cleo Spoons are very versatile, taking various species of gamefish around the world. Acme Little Cleo Spoons are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors suitable for use on a variety of gamefish, ranging from trout and panfish to stripers, pike, and muskie. The unique hump-backed shape of the Little Cleo results in a seductive, wiggling action as the lure is drawn through the water. The illusion created is one of a baitfish, acting in an erratic, confused manner. This trigger...
$3.35 - $7.45