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Zebco has taken the most popular spincast reel in the world and made it better. The addition of a ball bearing drive with the Rhino dual-cam drag system increases the responsiveness required to land trophy fish. A changeable right or left retrieve has also been added to the 33 for increased comfort for all fishermen.

Features of the Zebco 33 include the following:

  • Ball bearing drive
  • Dual-cam adjustable drag
  • Changeable right or left retrieve
  • All-metal gears
  • QuickSet anti-reverse
  • Pre-spooled with 10 lb. test line
Review Summary
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Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (10), Casual/ Recreational (2)
Durable (8)
Reliable (7)
Smooth Reeling (7)
Easy Casting (6)
Line Doesn't Tangle (5)
Poor Construction (5)
Hard To Maintain (3)
Difficult To Cast (3)
Difficult To Reel (2)
Tangles Line (2)
Best Uses
Shore Casting (8)
River Fishing (5)
Jigging (5)
Trolling (3)

Customer Reviews
Concord, NC
 Great buy!
Pros: Easy Casting, Reliable, Smooth Reeling, Durable
Cons: Heavy / Bulky
Best Uses: River Fishing, Shore Casting
Comments: I have used Zebco products for years...always reliable.
Upstate South Carolina
Best light spincast reel
Pros: Smooth Reeling, Easy Casting, Smooth Drag System, Durable, Reliable
Cons: Tangles Line
Best Uses: Jigging, Shore Casting, Fly Fishing, River Fishing, Trolling
Comments: I have fished for 45 years with a Zebco 33 and 202. The 33 is a excellent closed face fishing rod. The newer Z33's come with cheap line and all you have to do is replace it with the line of your choice and you will have a excellent reel. I use reel magic to keep mine working for years. The only time i had to replace one was when somebody dropped the reel and pole in the lake.
New lexington, Ohio
One bad reel
Pros: Comes with fishing line
Cons: Tangles Line, Cheaply made, Poor casting, Poor Construction
Comments: The Zebco 33 that I had before was great. I had no problems with it and used it year after year without a glitch. It was stolen so I just went and bought a 33 again. Well that was the worst reel I've ever had. It was cheaply made, not like my old one at all. It cast really bad, it would stop in mid air. I will never buy another Zebco again. They just ruined that for me. I kept the pole it came on and threw away the Zebco and bought a Abu Garcia. It's great.
Cons: Difficult To Cast, Poor Construction
Comments: [...]
Fort Lupton, CO
 Christmas present for my wife
Pros: Durable
Best Uses: Shore Casting
Comments: Shortly after ordering the reel, our weather went extremely cold, freezing the lakes we fish. The reel looks and feels great, but we have not had a chance to use it.
river runner
chicago Il
waste of money
Cons: Hard To Maintain, Difficult To Reel, Difficult To Cast, Poor Construction
Comments: the new zebco 33's are terrible..I owned one backin the 80's and it was great.. i just bought new one, used it on 1 fishing trip and returned it to store. a real piece of your money.
Central Ohio
Used the Zebco 33 for years!
Pros: Smooth Reeling, Reliable, Line Doesn't Tangle, Durable, Easy Casting
Best Uses: Shore Casting, Jigging, River Fishing
Comments: I have used a Zebco 33 for approximately 35 years. I've often on a whim gone for a flashier reel with bells and whistles, but when it comes time to fish...I always grab the Zebco first. It's as reliable of an all purpose reel as you can get and within price range that most anyone can easily afford.
Newberg, Oregon
 Use with Downrigger
Pros: Line Doesn't Tangle, Durable, Reliable, Smooth Reeling
Cons: Requires correct Line
Best Uses: Trolling
Comments: I had a friend many years ago tell me to buy this reel to use with my downriggers. I had company going camping with us and fishing for Kokanee. The reel has an anti-reverse lever so you can unlock hook to the release clip and put in the rod holder let your downrigger down. Once down lock the lever reel in the slack line and ready to go worked great. I have never had any trouble with these reels. Cheap and last a long time and work good if used for the right situation. I only used for trolling with my downriggers and never a problem. I had no problems till I decided to change line. I used 10# Cajun line. That was a real mistake did not agree with the reels at all. Make sure to use a limp line of same weight when changing line on these reels. I am going to try 8# Suffix extra limp. That should do the trick. Good Fishing, Bob
Littcarr, Ky
 The best spin casting reel on the planet
Pros: Smooth Reeling, Reliable, Easy Casting, Line Doesn't Tangle, Smooth Drag System, Durable
Best Uses: Shore Casting
Comments: I think this may be the best spin-casting reel ever made. The reel has it all. The things i love about it are, the reel is made of very good metals and don't break easily at all, it reels smoothly and casts like a bullet, and it looks good on any rod. Some reels have out of this world colors like, gold, red, green etc. Not with this reel, it's black and silver and will suit any rod. Ha ha i know that doesn't mean nothing about the quality of the product but, that's useful. I mainly fish for carp, catfish and occasional panfish action and this reel keeps up with any fish the lake, creek, stream etc. will throw at you. I think it's a great choice for Channel Catfishing. Sometimes i think that's what Zebco built it for. There's no cons that i know of except, the occasional line twist which, is more than likely the fisherman's fought. Well, that sums everything up. Great reel and if you're a bass fisherman, carp fisherman, or catfisherman that likes spin-casters. I recommend you trying this reel out, you won't regret it.
Zebco 33 is the best reel for the price
Pros: 48 years same Zeb 33, Smooth Drag System, Smooth Reeling, Easy Casting, Line Doesn't Tangle, Durable, Reliable
Best Uses: Jigging, River Fishing, Shore Casting
Comments: I have many rods and reels my Zebco 33 has been with me 48 years It's my cheapest reel but the best.
Florence, AL.
 Remember the YUGO!!!
Pros: New ones have no pros
Cons: Hard To Maintain, Difficult To Cast, Poor Construction, Difficult To Reel
Best Uses: New ones none
Comments: The old ones made in the USA are eccelent reels and have no cons! They cast, reel, and don't bind up! The ones made in china, bind, cast poorly, and grind and are tough reeling.
 Don't buy Zebco 33 Made in CHINA!
Cons: Hard To Maintain, Poor Construction
Best Uses: Shore Casting, Jigging
Comments: These new Zebco 33's Made in China are JUNK! This is the worst mistake ZEBCO ever made in sending their Reel Production to CHINA! The old MADE IN USA Zebco 33's worked great. These won't last a day in hard fishing conditions!
catfish joe
pontoon beach,illinois
zebco 33
Pros: Line Doesn't Tangle, Smooth Reeling, Durable, Reliable, Smooth Drag System, Easy Casting
Best Uses: Jigging, River Fishing, Trolling, Shore Casting
Comments: i would use the zebco 33 for all kinds of uses. it is a good all around light fishing could be used for catfish fishing, if you want eating sized catfish.
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