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The Twili Tip Wire Line Guide provides a gentle radius at the rod tip to reduce drag and extend the life of wire line. Its bright yellow end makes it easy to see the rod action.

The Twili Tip Wire Line Guide comes with six inserts of different sizes to place over the rod tip (after removing the old tip-top). Once the correct sized insert is put onto your rod tip, you can slip the Line Guide into the insert. Twili Tip Wire Line Guide are very popular when trolling with wire line.

Each package of Twili Tip Wire Line Guide contains one Twili-Tip and six different sized inserts.

The Twili Tip Wire Line Guide is made in the U.S.A.

Review Summary
(13 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.100%
Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (10), Avid Angler (2)
Durable (7)
Flexible (4)
Good Tip Action (4)
Easy to install (4)
Functional (2)
Best Uses
Large Fish (3)
Fresh Water (2)
Wire Line Fishing (2)

Customer Reviews
Avid Angler
Smart idea
Pros: Easy to install, Easy To Use, good price
Comments: Only used this on one outing so far and it works well.
salmon slayer
Avid Angler
 Cheap and Affordable
Pros: Durable, easy to see, good price, fl, Flexible
Comments: A must for wire dipsy trollers. Saves the expensive wire line (won't kink). Mono is the worst way to troll dipsys get wire and twili tips!
San Antonio, TX
 Twili-Tip - Nothing better!
Pros: Easy to install
Best Uses: Wire Line Fishing
Comments: Twili-Tips allow you convert any rod for specialized trolling with wire line. Best thing is the economical price. Sure beats the roller tip.
Ithaca, NY
 Twili Tip
Pros: Good Tip Action, No Kinks, Durable, Easy to install
Best Uses: Wire Line Fishing
Comments: I bought this tip for an Ugly Stick I have been using for dragging copper in the Fingerlakes. This tip works great to avoid kinks in the complaints here.
Western NY
 Works great!
Pros: Durable, Flexible, Good Tip Action
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: Twili tips work great for dipsey diver rods that are used with wire line.
Erie, Pa.
 I would buy this product again.
Comments: I used the tips for wire line dipsy rods.They are easy to install and work great.
Central NY
 A must have for ruuniing wireline dipsey
Pros: Sensitive, Durable, Easy to install
Best Uses: Wireline trolling
Comments: This product is a must have for those who want to rune wireline dipseys especialy if you have spinny water fleas in the the waterway you are trolling.
King Me
Great Lakes, WI
 Better then roller guides
Pros: Does not kink wire line
Comments: These tips are the best for wire line fishing. Easy to install.
Horseheads , NY
 installed on most my fishing rods
Pros: Flexible, Good Tip Action, Sensitive
Comments: ease of reeling in....very smooth
Baldonnel, British Columbia, Canada
 A must for wire line!
Pros: Flexible, Good Tip Action
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: if you use wire line to troll deep, these tips are a must! This was the only source I could find and service was great! I'll be back Terry Sawchuk Baldonnel, British Columbia, Canada
My Therapy
 Easy to Install
Pros: Durable, Line life extender
Best Uses: Large Fish, Great Lakes Trolling
Comments: Replacing a Roller Rod tip with a Twilli Tip not only saves wear + tear on the wire line, it also saves the user from having to keep putting the line back in the roller after it slips sideways out of the roller and gets pinched between the roller shaft + roller frame while fighting a fish. I also have replaced the rod tips on my Lead Core + Copper Wire fishing rods which helps eliminate the breaking of the Copper Wire and the outside material covering on the Lead Core.
Lazy Ike
 Great Product!
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Durable, Functional, Easy To Use, Installs easily
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Trolling
Comments: The Twili is a great tool to modify a rod for wire use or repair one with a problematic roller tip. No worries with a smaller wire size. No roller for the wire to jumping off of. The wire is always supported in any direction. No need to position the rod perfectly when trolling.
Garfeild Tezas
 they work grrrrrrreat!
Pros: Durable, Functional, Great wwire
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Salt Water, Wire or braided line
Comments: smooth line distribution,with no kinking with wire!
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