FishUSA Team Members


Zack Klan is our Kayak Expert here at FishUSA. It has always been said that “If you love the work that you do, you’re not truly working at all.” Many that know Zack would agree that quote fits him perfectly! Zack has been quoted saying “I get to work for an amazing company, collaborate with great manufacturers, and meet people who share my love for the sport of kayak fishing! Not to mention, getting to go out and play on the water!” Zack’s soon to be wife, Taylor, also enjoys kayaking and fishing, on top of being a great support system by tolerating him going out of town for competitions and working all the time.

Zack has always loved fishing and has been venturing out since he could walk. In 2013, Zack introduced himself to kayaking. Mixing fishing and kayaking sparked a passion in him like no other. In 2015, he entered his first kayak fishing tournament and since then, Zack has wanted to partake in many more. Recently, Zack has started to enter more events and plans to keep doing so. Currently, Zack fishes the Western PA Kayak Anglers Trail and the Kayak Bass Fishing, KBF, Trail. He has traveled to New York, Ohio, West Virginia, and other locations in Pennsylvania to fish out of his yaks! Zack currently fishes out of a Bonafide SS127. Not only does Zack just fish, but he also attends dealer and consumer shows such as Paddle Sport Retailer and ICast, that way FishUSA can offer one of the most pristine offerings within the kayak fishing market.

Zack has a plethora of kayaking knowledge and continues to keep up on new trends, innovations, and techniques. At FishUSA, Zack can answer almost any technical questions that come his way and rig up just about anything on a kayak, which can all be done in our Kayak Fishing Outpost, otherwise known as the KFO. Most importantly, out of all that Zack brings to the table, he offers some of the best customer service in the industry! FishUSA is your one-stop shop when it comes to kayak fishing, and we know Zack Klan looks forward to growing the sport and getting you out on the water!