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At a Glance: Floats & Indicators

Strike indicators and floats have taken off in the past 20 years for dead drifting sub-surface flies, mainly nymphs and egg patterns. This technique is deadly effective and significantly increases nymph fishers' learning curve and catch rate. The angler casts the fly upstream, suspends it below the indicator, or floats it at varying depths to drift through riffles, runs, and pools. A float can help you reduce drag – if the fly line and indicator run roughly even to each other on the water, then chances are you're getting a more natural, drag-free drift. The fly fishing strike indicator or float also “indicates” a bite or hit from the fish, as it will stop momentarily during the drift. The fly fishing angler can lift the rod at the pause with a quick, sharp pull, often hooking the fish.

FishUSA carries many styles of highly visible indicators and floats, most made of foam or some other synthetic material. How they attach to the leader also varies, and most folks try a couple of styles until they settle on the one that works best for them. Opinions vary as to the best, but all work well for the task.

Manufacturers in our selection include Air-Lock, Carlisle, Comal Tackle, CorQs Indicators, GHOSTech, Lightning Strike, Loon Outdoors, New Zealand Strike Indicator, Palsa, RIO, Thingamabobber, Umpqua, and other brands.