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Color: Arkansas Shiner
Color: Arkansas Shiner
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Color: Arkansas Shiner
Color: B-52
Color: Chartreuse
Color: Crystal Shad
Color: Electric Chicken
Color: Fire Fly
Color: Opening Night
Color: Tail Light

Yum F2 Teeny Shads

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The Yum F2 Teeny Shads work best when slow trolling or vertical jigging for all species of panfish. These baits feature a baitfish shaped body with a tail of soft flowing tentacles. The Yum F2 Teeny Shads are infused with the F2 attractant, making them irresistible to fish.

The Yum F2 Teeny Shads are 1.5" in length. These baits are available in realistic as well as bold color patterns. Each package contains 12 baits.

Customer Reviews
Electric Chicken    (from prior model)
Comments: I use the chicken year round. No live bait to care for and they are great for Grandchildren . Crappies and bass love them.
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