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Weldon DR-2 Stacker Downrigger Release

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Weldon DR-2
Stacker Downrigger Release

These downrigger stacker releases have two clips - one for your fishing line and one to attach the stacker to the downrigger cable. They also have a safety clip so you do not lose the stacker. The inner tension spring on the clips can be moved to adjust the tension. The cables are wire and the clips have florescent orange tape for greater visibility.

These releases come one to a package. They are Weldon model DR-2.

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Customer Reviews
Jason - Lake MI
Pass on these   (from prior model)
Comments: There's a couple big issues with these stackers. First, they don't hold your line very well. We kept getting releases without fish on these stackers when all of our other ones would work fine. We had 6 releases without fish in about 4 hours compared to 0 releases without fish on the other poles. I got tired of resetting this stacker so we switched to a different kind. Second, the rubber on the stacker sticks together and won't separate even you squeeze it hard with pliers. We had to use the back edge of a knife to get the rubber parts of the stackers to separate so we could put the line in there. I noticed that these rubber parts are smooth on the inside while the other ones we have that actually work are textured with a diamond pattern. Save your money and find a different brand.
Pentwater, MI
stacker   (from prior model)
Pros: Easy To Handle, Easy To Store
Best Uses: Salt Water, Deep Water
Comments: simplicity
Weldon DR-2 Stacker   (from prior model)
Pros: Easy To Use, Quality Construction
Best Uses: Small Boats, Large Boats
Comments: Stacker for downrigger fishing - attach short spring pad to cable - then attach spring snap - then attach line from fishing pole to the long end spring pad - works well - GOOD FISHING
These work great for trout . Easy to use   (from prior model)
Pros: Quality Construction, Attractive Design, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Small Boats, Large Boats
Comments: These work great for trout . Easy to use right out of the pack.
Fountain Inn S.C.
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